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by Nyaa

Part 107: Day 208-213: Breakthrough Week

More recruits arrived from Dead Meat’s force of personality and luck.

Firstly, let’s welcome Kogahazan the cat! These feline sure are blessed with good stats. (88 Days)

In contrast, we have Arban the frog. The frog race is extremely cursed with poor stat in exchange for a better health recovery trait and maybe something else? (184 Days)

Next we have Shinarato who wished to become a craftsman, but having second thought about it since our cult already have enough craftsman and alchemist. It's best for you to keep pursuing your dreams.

Who knows, you might surpass Blaze Dragon and get to the learn the treasure law?

Normally, I would reject more turtles, but there is something I like about him. (42 Days)

Same reason for Chin Up. (18 Days)

Anyone else wants to be turtle? Good. I think the RNG ancestor have had enough of them in the sect.

At least they came with some really powerful charm for Coffee.

To pay back their generous donation, we will get them to Golden Core ASAP after they sign the organ donation form.

Don’t you dare having any thoughts, you hear!?

Arcanuse was exploring the land and wonders why Flower Bun didn’t answers the call.

He is very out of Qi.

The Phoenix Elixir at the end is certainly not worth the risk.

Everyone will hold back on exploration until Mr. Fox arrives.

It’s halfway materializing at 780/1800 revival progress.

Blaze Dragon is ready for the first breakthrough, and it already cost 5 years as entry fee.

But it’s super easy to breakthrough even in the worst room.

Speaking of best room, I figured out how to make sect Branch.

We need our club name to be written in prestigious Chinese character. The Bèn.

It’s better to call it a Dojo where an assigned person will provide boost to all the workers club member in the sweatshop predigest club. The first provides faster foundation building for Outer, and the second help with external affairs in the world.

It seems only Inner can man this prestigious club, so we will let VolticSurge the Dark God as the party guy.

Let’s pick someone else.

Epochol is the best we got. People likes his rain trick.

Prestigious club formed! People throughout the world will envy for this mysteriously amazing club in the herb garden!

The stress is getting to Epochol and dwindle all his cultivation stat. We will change it to Hats when he gets back.

On the other hand, its member gets more event, more fame, better result, admin skill, etc.

Our new turtles are swallowing snake/bear gallbladder to speedrun their way into Golden Core with Wood Law.

Maybe I should had get them on the pay2win law. Turtle have really long lifespan after all, and Earth Law would benefit from the fire cave.

Our construction of the pocket dimension is completed: The Spirit Stone Lesser Yin Yang Realm

The output version is in our diner, but that’s only manual retrieval. Everyone will have the thing they want pops into their hand.

Now to let it suck everything not under the fog or restricted!

Not bad. A much nicer interface to see what we have.

It doesn’t take in certain items, mostly the rare item or things that is useful to be outdoor like egg for hatching.

I would say it cleared out 70% of our junk.

Ahh, here are the lifespan elixirs. Both will give you 990 years of extended lifespan.

Our fox arrived! I forgot how tiny they started out in their infancy.

We will simplify your name and call you Evening Snow.

The name matches you perfectly. :swoon:

It was originally a spirit pet of Taiyi Sect who was out on a mail delivery.

You are definitely an offensive spellcaster. Halving all spell cool down is amazing. You will be tanking

It should have a few thousand more Qi than Flower Bun when it was a pup.

Oh no! The fox might eat our rare shit!

Eat as much as you like. Our Inner will be fine. :mmmhmm:

We have five of them breaking through as we speak, and two is mingling with mortals to breakthrough.

Blaze Dragon spend another 10 years’ worth of lifespan to reach Qi Refinement realm.

Only 3600 EXP for the WHOLE realm! :eyepop:

One trip to the fire cave would have filled the whole thing if the sub-stage isn’t gated. :prepop: