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Part 108: Day 214-219: Strong in the Outside

Blaze Dragon will burn another 20 years for 100%.

Our two new turtles are breaking through at a fast pace too. Having max Comprehension will do that.

You will breakthrough on your bed. The Qi Station are too far away, and doing it through repeat failure bonus is much faster for you.

Spring has arrived, signaling all Fire Cultivator to start their breakthrough while the naturally Sunny Weather is in effect! :sun:

It’s enough to counteract the season penalty, not that GridLocked needed it.

However, he will soon reach Coffee’s hardest hurdle.

Coffee would have long brute-forced it if there’s no risk to vital organ. He will spend some times to improve his mood and then we can have him attempt it with Yellow Court Elixir that provides 10% breakthrough boost.

The merchant arrived with the right medication

We took Evening Snow on its first bounty hunt on a weak Golden Core. I can’t believe we are at a point where we can call Golden Core ‘weak’. :sludgepal:

But they lasted less than 10 seconds. :coffeepal:

What!? Why didn’t I get this for the other bounty? Were they too old and broke the script? :what:

It’s nice when a law's sub-stage provides stat boost.

Since GridLocker is Blaze Dragon’s master, he will help him breakthrough by giving him a big boost on mental state. Not that he needs it after burning 30 years to get another 100%. :homebrew:

This will be our last batch for awhile whenever our short-lived demon crooks. I should remove Shei-kun 1 from admin too.

First up, we welcome IceBlocks who got stuck on the roof. He’s a bear with amazing combat potential and will lasts for two and a half months. Like The Great Evil King, we will also give him a gym membership after a few days.

Your Inner home shell be ready in a few days at the :sparkles:Premium Bèn District:sparkles:

All these old house for Outer has long since been converted into temporary room for Inner. Except the gym, we need to design a breathable gym for our Body Cultivators while preserving the awkward atmosphere to fuel Redbull rage.

Next recruit, we have TravelLog who got onto the dining table in his frantic rush to pray to our ancestors. He is a multi-talented snake with more than a year and a half to handle all sort of chores. Great at combat too, but might be better as a Daoist Cultivator.

Finally, we have ThatBasqueGuy who tries to pass himself off as a Demon Tiger. He was the king of games in his youth, and he survived a terrible period of frozen disaster in his adulthood. Don’t forgot to thank the ancestor for the current sunny weather! :sun:

I did not expect this to happen and none of this is planned. Including the last sentence.

Our ancestor must have a reason to welcome you through a traumatic celebration(?). :coolslime:

You might have offended Master Coffee.

And all fire cultivators who will not sleep well for a while.

On the other hand, our body cultivators are happy to breath in high grade water Qi! :11tea:

Tragically, our pear industry has suffered another setback.

Thankfully, I haven’t taken down our heaters.

Damn it! Why can’t these demon beasts hibernate!?

Our body cultivators don't have time for this! Well, they do. It only took a few seconds.

I didn’t send A Crab to fight any battle because it would become a dozen minutes for him.

And yet he still managed to hurt himself by starving and forced to eat Guanyin mud.

Will his body become tough enough to survives his own hubris?

Our other turtle has reached the realm of Golden Core.

It’s impossible to get him into Nascent Soul within a month. This stage has two part and one of it requires becoming an Outer for a long time. Therefore, we will save his tribulation for the next Golden Core raid group who dares to pick a fight with us. :mmmhmm:

In the meantime, he will fly around to haul stuff home.

Everyone knows he is going to be thundered like a tree.

Chin Up have plenty of time, and we can boost his progress with medication if necessary.

Our main gang are going to hunt another Nascent Soul. Coffee and Epochol are the reinforcement since this one might be a tough Nascent Soul, and our fox won't be able to tank it.

I tried to send A Crab to help, but it will take another 2 days of flying WHILE everyone is already there. So his trip got cancelled. I hope you become Demi-God soon and :getout:

You can power jump all the way to wipe these easy Qi Refinement robbers instead.

Our main team spotted the Nascent Soul target. Our fox only has 10% of that amount of Qi.

She has two over-charged treasures and these inflated stats.

Let’s see if we can do it without a pet. Daoist will tanks, Body will slams. :slick:

Body Cultivator goes berserk mode! Think about all awful things like-

Wow. In case anyone asks, everyone in the sect are max mood. :comeback:


We did it! All without Flower Bun! :woop:

Let’s not waste these awkward RedBull juice.

Great haul today with two other hostile cultivators. Everyone will returns with full pocket.

Our pocket will be stuffed with good shit. :hai:

Ancestor approves.

Don’t worry. We are at max relation. :hfive:

Guess how he went down amidst these corpses of robbers. :cripes:

How are you healing hunger?