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Part 109: Day 219-221: Stealth Chicken

Let’s assume this body cultivator is so badass that he keeps regenerating and mutating his stomach to the point when he can walk a mile without fainting.

Of course, it’s a couple times faster for someone to carry him instead. Hmm… maybe I could knock him out, set a new bed location, and have someone move him there to save time… :thunk:

A second hunger damage occurred while he is being carried. Too bad hunger can’t kill Body Cultivator, it only makes them stronger. :zoro:

I wish you would feed him first before moving him to the bed, but maybe it's good for his cancerous growth(?).

New Outers are hauling those corpses and their loots.

Secret Arts are the only good thing a Refinement foe can drop. These thieves are handing us their stuff instead of stealing. How foolish. :smugbert:

We can do it better.

We will steal something precious from a high security sect and try to get away with it.

Isn’t that right, Dead Meat? Our fastest deliverer in the sect. :bandwagon:

You can Naruto run all the way without flying. :intv:

Please, Dead Meat. I need to walk away from something awful that won’t die.

Other demons are not a Sunflower like you.

Your stealth capability isn’t good. The max is 21 and Jossar have 20.

However, Jossar hasn’t learnt the travel secret art yet, so you will be our practice. Our makeshift educational tutorial attempt. Both for me and other goons.

You will be fine. It’s just like your recent cooking tribulation experiment.

I believe in savescam you. :thumbsup:

Our target is the sect closest to us, Pure Lotus Sword School.

They have really wide hallway for their giant decoratives.

You arrived at a good time where you won't “Cock-a-doodle-doo” out of primordial urge.

Their most valuable thing would be their array formation painting, but that’s guarded by Nascent Soul right next to it.

So we will set our sight on their treasure room.

Specifically, those three elixir that can unlocks one treasure slot once. Merchant sold them for 10k.

The room have one Nascent Soul and a Refinement.

Becoming a less flamboyant chicken will certainly help.

The red-eye icon on Dead Meat means someone spotted him, and that would be game over if they see him carrying anything illicit.

The eye will become grey when he stay out of sight from someone. Like right outside the sect since Dead Meat's stealth score is so bad.

Damn it! Another Nascent Soul sitting at the hallway instead of somewhere more comfortable! Do you have no dignity!?

Speed doesn’t help when it's this close.

Alright, let’s practice in the room for now. Maybe that Nascent Soul will be gone later.

Dead Meat get spotted when he spends too long in range of their sight.

Bolting out with speed does the trick, but not fast enough that he can grab the item and run. At least against a Nascent Soul. :razorback2:

So he waits for the Nascent Soul to leave.

Few hours later, their Refiner died from heatstroke.

That’s why you don’t cultivate in the hot treasure room, you idiot, you nincompoop!

Not like this Nascent Soul who knows what she is doing.

Nearly a full day later, the Nascent Soul finally left the room.

The shameless ground sitter is still there.

Dead Meat was going to snatch the item, but a fly-by Nascent Soul has his eyes on him. Either that or the door have some line-of-sight BS.

Ok, this angle is good.


Curses! That Nascent Soul just lay down on the floor to chill!

Go watch the chess game with your friends! :argh:

He didn’t notice Dead Meat on a test dash… 1 out of 10 times.

I see. Everyone is sensing through Qi instead of eyesight. We will need to take into consideration of their Sense range and strength.

Another half a day passed before this guy is done with staring at the ceiling or scribbling on the white cloth floor.

Someone is still sensing him!

Is it you!?

Or you two who should be focusing on your game! :ironicat:

Then this guy came and rest on the ground. I think they know what Dead Meat is plotting and have been trolling him.

Which is exactly what Dead Meat wanted. :mmmsmug:

Grade 12 relic raised the chance of discovery by 12, which I assume is subtracted from the 21 point stealth scale.

But no one is around to sense him! :ohdear:

Those idiots! Those nincompoop! :arnie: I can't believe we actually pulled it off