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Part 110: Day 221-222: Sword Formation

Welcome back, our most valuable chicken. The legendary feat of your First-Try exploit will be known to many goons.

Let’s do it again when you become a Nascent Soul.

Umm, we will try to make it possible for you.

What an odd feeling to be seeing other running so slowly.

Anyway, it’s about time we invest into Array Formation.

Divinity Cultivator are great candidate since they have to sit at home to deal with their mental requirement.

Such as waiting for 100 days to get his state of mind to 200, and maintain it for 4 days while his mood is under 50.

Unfortunately, you can’t even buy skill yet without your Holy Kingdom.

Shei-kun have the exp points to invest it, and should become a very stable pillar with her Nascent Soul realm. Seem fitting for her to continue depending on other people to support her growth.

This formation seems to be good for both defense and offense.

Looks like she has to invest it for real.

So be it.

Our sect might not need this for invader, but our cultivator can use it for tribulation.

But not everyone needed such silly Daoist magic. *kiss muscle*

We also have two Golden lightning attractor for emergency. :skeltal: :skeltal:

What? You are very concerned about all these awful planning and want to help with healing Inner? Great! A Crab is your problem now! But what’s the catch? :raise:

That’s quite a steep price, but fine, you may play with our precious Dragon Dropping as a toy.

Try to keep it… usable. :kiddo:

Feeling relief from the prospect of Array Formation protecting the sect and tribulation, Arcanuse let go of his strength for arthritis.

He still has enough Qi to cast these super weather spell when needed. :science:

Another disaster in the mortal world.

International Mountain Driver Dead Meat will bring them relief! Hopefully get some nods from heaven for the good deed! :guitar:

:hmmno: Heaven don’t think this is enough to atone for whatever you did. What the hell did you do?

Great! She has learned our basic Taiyi formation from the library. Now we can begin.

Excellent! The stolen painting came with a premade model! Good bye, Hat’s D!

Umm. Nice sword.

WHAT!? Each node need something like a Male, Nascent Soul, Equipping Air of Heavenly Tribulation!? :shepspends:

This thing that worth 10k and literally rip it out of the lightning storm!? For that one node!?

The main node by Shei-Kun would need her holding this formation’s painting, parasol wood, and at least Nascent Soul with Lv 20 TREASURE CONTROL. That’s Coffee thing!

This formation is definitely for tanking and attacking with empowered treasure. Let’s make our own low-cost version.

Max defense strength. Took 80 Qi to maintain it. Very Stable and only need 6 Inner.

Roughly stuffing whoever at home into the node for testing.

Should I spend my time on raising more Body Cultivator instead?

Let’s name it Flower Bun v0.1 and call it a day.

This… looks nice… against bandits.

In comparison, if I randomly slot our Inner into this stolen formation…

:popeye: It is worth investing in these premade formation.