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Part 111: Day 223-227: Breakthrough Rush

The Great Evil King and IceBlocks are ready to join the gym.

I should start finding a good place for a proper gym. Somewhere with good essence like a graveyard…

They will stay where they are for now since they could breath in the good Feng Shui- Wait… Feng Shui…

Maybe their bad Feng Shui infused punch can cause heart explosion? Tell me if you want to try it out.

Tiger gets Great Wind Body. Every step he takes will be accompanies by strong gust that makes him fiercer and deadlier.

He also gets King’s Resolve - a unique battle stance that probably awesome.

He will focus on Demon Essence since that’s what his wind body needs.

Our bear gets Heaven Shattering Claw and Heaven Qi Lung that produce great amount of Red Bull energy.

He will go all in on his claws and stacks with Destructive Essence and rage bonus if he can find some. His lung is there to maintain those stacks of 500x basic mutations.

It’s finally here. The competition that will grant us an advance law. It unfortunate that my event-shorten mod didn’t work.

Shei-Kun will go to the Kunlun competition. It would be a waste to not use her Array Knowledge and being a Nascent Soul is basically a guaranteed win.

I need an auto-cultivate mod. Pausing for each and every one of you is taking hours.

We also found the Water cultivation place, so Wood user like Arcanuse don’t need Karuna anymore.

Since I am justifiably losing my mind over this raw chaos of babysitting, some culling is necessary. So, it’s time for the :wookie:Law of the Jungle Mode:wookie:! Everyone is going to breakthrough NOW unless it’s for your golden core.

Don’t worry, the first to go down gets this consolation prize! :choco:

Blaze Dragon have been waiting for a long time on his Golden Core, and it’s best to go for it when he can reach Grade 7. We will trust in the power of p2w to carry him to the end. If not, he can break core and start over.

The 'attribute matching' penalty does sting a lot.

But solvable with money. He will breakthrough at the end of the season, which is the best season bonus for Earth cultivator. :homebrew:

Our skill dump alchemist is spamming breakthrough with his 10% and hoping for the best. Yellow Court Elixir can’t push it to 20% either. At least there’s no failure damage from that crappy fire law. Each failure strengthens my buyer remorse.

Coffee would do well in the Kunlun competition, but he need to breakthrough first.

Despite the excellent condition, it seems the success rate are stuck at 30% for this substage with only bonuses.

Hopefully this charm and Yellow Court Pill will stack.

Good, the pill worked.

As you can see, I am very distracted, but no injury on the breakthrough failure.

Breakthrough failure bonus will ensure his eventual success.

GridLocked, Dead Meat, and Hat are lucky to be breaking through mortal lifestyle.

Coffee’s Qi charge rate is approaching half a thousand. He could be great for sustaining a whole array or out-heal a tribulation with high Qi Protection and strong treasures.

Dead Meat is now… huh? Nascent Soul? :pirate:

He has no talent, herbs, secret arts, or karuna either! He made it through raw hard work at the fire cave! :frogc00l:

It’s okay Coffee, you are close.

The greatest secret arts of Sunflower Law are now within Dead Meat’s grasp.

Don’t have enough Qi during Golden Core? Buy it with EXP. :shepspends:

But that requires buying the skill that provides longevity and get locked out of luck and treasure boost art.

This is an interesting secret art and great for everyone who can’t afford to unlock a treasure slot, but this will lock out that massive Qi increase art.

The final spell for this feminine themed law is a permanent charm boost for non-cultivator. Kind of useless now that we have cats to do the talking. :cabot:

Wow, you failed at 80%. At least you didn’t get injured.

Failure bonus already maxed, so you are stuck with 80%.

I was wrong. He failed again, and now have 90%. By all odds, you should not fail again, right?

Uh… this must be the work of a vengeful demon trying to interferes with Coffee!

Arcanuse is home after hitting bottleneck in the water cave.

Now he has to chop wood as per tradition dictated by our ancestors. You would follow your own rules, right?

Hats is also a Nascent Soul after living with mortals for a while. Too bad he was a skill dump.

:sweatdrop: Fire Law are a royal pain.

One more substage to Nascent Soul! Don’t worry, the next one is living with mortal.

I know because that’s what GridLocked is doing now!

Looks like everyone will survive the Law of the Jungle rush!

I spoke too soon.

Damn, he made it. At the innermost seat of the diner too. :catstare:

Goon Army
Nascent Soul x3: Shei-Kun, Dead Meat, Hats
Golden Core x6: Mcclay, Coffee, Jossar, GridLocked, Epochol, Arcanuse,
Refinement x1: Blaze Dragon
Divinity x1: VolticSurge
Body x6: Lynneth, Evil Kit, A Crab, The Great Evil King, IceBlocks, Slaan
Bomb x2: Chin Up, Talow
Spirit Pet x2: Evening Snow, Flower Bun
Cannon Fodder x17