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Part 112: Day 228-230: Omen of Arthritis

Dead Meat continues his EXP gathering towards Demi-God.

217 trips to go… less than a year will do.

As for the one who is short on time, I would have preferred to run test of him using our crappy array formation, but Shei-kun is flying to the Kunlun competition.

So let’s send him somewhere to delay his inevitable firework show.

Someone disposable have to do it.

A flexible person like you should have no problem in the Forsaken Hatred.

That’s one less turtle to worry about. Talow still have a season to go.

I would have send Chin Up here, but he missed this by minutes.

Aha! The place to farm demon blood!

Firework #2 will go.

Mcclay is flying around the world to find the Earth cultivation place for her Metal element.

There’s no Array Formation category. :shepicide:

We will be back. :derp:

Let’s hope lv 14 Treasure Control is enough.

Not enough. We will reload with GridLocked. (My full hour of progress :gonk:)


:stonk: 2200 rep doubled what we have. Maybe I should had accepted the failure.

No, we can handle those weak Golden Core. We got an army now.

An army that will grow stronger. Coffee went to a waterfall and decided to get inspired by it through (1) Treasure Control instead of (2) Sense.

He will kickass in next year’s competition.

By bouncing the enemy’s treasure off stage.

Now we have a wood element law that doesn't inflict arthritis.

This law is stacked with secret arts that boost treasure refinement. You certainly need this to make the most powerful treasure in the world.

Also the secret to printing money. (Note: Nerfed)

This law probably isn’t worth training unless you really need the level up bonus for treasure refinement stats.

Then again, you won’t need to deal with arthritis.

On the bright side for Arcanuse…

Epochol is now the arthritis wood logger.

You two where great miners. Not that we have any mountain left to unearth.

Our Feng Shui snake agrees we are way too popular.

If only you are in the Diner at your favorite innermost seat. You hardly made any progress in your cultivation. :smugjones:

Our Jvie will have to keep it occupied in his foundation training hour.

Coffee is too busy copying the new treasure law for EXP.

Feng Shui Snake deems this New One a worthy sacrifice for better Feng Shui.

The snake might have chosen him because Complication insulted it.

Shei-Kun won’t mind helping.

But arthritis is really awful.

Epochol would loves to help, but he’s an Outer now.

Our Earth Shit god could break away from his meditation to help.

But he is at this very important upside-down meditate phase, so hold on for a couple minutes.

How fortunate!

I forgot to send GridLocked away for mortal life breakthrough!

:hmmno: Looks like 5k damage isn’t enough to one-shot it.

Feng Shui Snake is satisfied with our shitty strength.

Lucky for Complication, these are regular poison that can be healed normally.

Surely this incident isn’t a Feng Shui omen for suddenly having twice the fame.