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Part 113: Day 231-233: Final Feng Shui Verdict

It’s unfortunate that it has come to this.

Demonized Feng Shui Snake can’t go back into a normal snake.

But it can still do what it does best in the past.

It will be happy to do its old job once it woke up.

Soul-locked in the brain while construction is under way. Let’s hope it can’t get out of the fence.

Sweet dreams.

Booksnake certainly can’t get out.

Sounds like a bad trip. Let’s forget about it for now.

We got our 4th Nascent Soul. :golfclap:

First three support spells are a weather spell that can be upgraded to increase everyone’s spell power, a spell to give sentience to an object, and permanent Phys up. Not really worth the investment at this point.

Arcanuse should learn this when he is out of arthritis.

More spell power up and spell damage.

Lastly, one full point of Luck after buying it twice.

There are cheaper spells in the library that can do better.

The down side is that he can only entry dip into multi-level secret arts, but now he has a respectable amount of Qi (69,217). He will dump the rest of his EXP on luck.

Our Awakening Cow is ready. All these times of custom picking thoughts that goes well with body cultivator are over.

Only keeping the top cow part.

In honor of your bottom half getting bipedal legs, your Dao name henceforth shall be…

Two make a whole.

Mundane skills are not needed for this 100 Days cow.

Go straight for the Inner starter package.

The ancestor has spent much time on you, do not disappoint them.

Now, onto your promotion!

The cow demon clan gets to train their horns.

Super digestion with their stomach. Probably the most powerful improvement to eating mechanic.

It would need four highest tier element breath for each distinct compartment of its stomach.

She was groom to have a very small modifier to various combat stats. Yes, all of these are related to combat. :engleft:

GridLocked returned from a brief trip and I noticed something.

He’s ready for the semi-optional Nascent Soul tribulation.

He will have to wait for the full recharge before going for it.

Which is now. :homebrew:

I shudder to think what Coffee’s regen would be when it’s his turn.

Lowering Dao is worth the risk, so is gaining a new strand of consciousness.

To the Metal TP! Beat the Wood lightning with all you got!

Ah… 600k, and I forgot to have him equip the Taiyi scroll.

We will fight back with FIRE!

One Dragon Poop won’t be enough.

The cloud might be doing 3k damage per second.

He repelled 5% of the cloud’s strength.

Round 2 with Taiyi Scrool.

Also this. Someone should invest in Qi Defense skill.

I presume the tribulation is supposed to be 1 million, but GridLocked luck and good deed weakened it.

We got 10% this time.

Our cat either need 700k Qi or inside a formation that can tank it all.

Let’s stick to the normal route. He might gain more stat on those sub-breakthrough.

As for Dead Meat with the Max Qi increase secret art, the total adds up to 225,000 Qi. Should be enough for the normal tribulation?

Our 10-20% chance alchemy skill dump finally lucked into Golden Core. Only took more than a dozen tries.

He has enough Qi to produce high tier elixir now.

Everyone would love this. Lifespan are disposable resources to a cultivator.

Too bad Body Cultivator doesn’t use comprehension exp. Muscle is all they needed.

Divinity Cultivator most certainly tank it with their follower.

Another 90 days should be enough to get to the next stage.

Coffee might have a different way to overcome the tribulation.

Just need to regen 3k Qi per second. :sss:

Until then, Feng Shui Snake also agrees we are quite fked with that tribulation.

Since Feng Shui Snake bailed out on us, we need to find a new guardian to protect our sect from…

Real monster.

To be fair, she is grade zero and practically a Demi-God. Or maybe the law was hidden, so we won't know her exactly strength.

Maybe this walking nuke can help our body cultivator to mutate faster.