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Part 114: Day 234-248: P2W Golden Core

Today, we honor our mascot at the Cult of Bèn for its distinguish service of keeping everyone post-Cyflan from heart attack at night. Our privileged member here at the Club of Bèn gathers to wish you better luck on your next reincarnation.

You shall forever engrave as an honorary member of this largely vacated club. May your body be one with the herb garden.

Because holy shit people are mad that Hats was such a bad branch leader who abandoned his job to go out and be lazy. We all missed Epochol as a capable replacement, but he got stacked with a full month of debuff for not able to handle a dozen members. The benefit is great, but equally so for the debuff.

Three days later, a Lushu appears!

A beautiful tiger-horse that provide positive weather and fortune to where it temporary resides.

It will stay for six days… and we will probably be cursed if we hunt it.

A day after, the brethren of Feng Shui Snake has arrived to mourn its passing.

Another two days’ passes, our super powerful guest is here, but we can’t recruit her.

At least she is just in time to watch us repel the new and improved wave of enemies.

Three Golden Core, stuck in ANOTHER WALL.

The other two are half of what she has. I would say this is the fair amount for a Golden Core.

We definitely need to hit their body hard and fast to preserve the full charge of this treasure.

All body cultivator in station, assemble!

*Sigh* You are making us look bad in front of our guest. :argh:

It would have been over by the time you step out of the room anyway.

So what if you are Golden Core? To the pear tree you go!

We really need to find an easy way to unlock treasure slots.

Aside from being rich and buy it. Our forest is still half grown.

Just in time for our fifth Nascent Soul to water the whole forest.

He can setup a realm of water once he reaches Demi-god! :sss:

Is there a water blast spell? This law needs it.

It does have an upgraded version of meditation.

And a useful spell in battle. Probably won't work for Golden Core forming.

If it does, Blaze Dragon will love this on his core forming in a few days.

Lastly, the permanent smart spell! The most useful spell for all those fortunate latecomer!

Once again, too much sub-stages. The sub-stage after this is Tribulation. That’s rough, buddy. :yaycat:

Back to Flattop Mountain to grind Metal Qi EXP!

That should be enough for the first sub-stage.


Go forth, our fastest driver!


It’s gone… we will send high luck flyer for all future searches like this.

Our ancestor agrees this one-time trigger event is BS.

Now to a more privilege matter at hand. It’s nearing the end of spring.

Which is the best timed ‘season’ for Earth Cultivator. It’s unfortunate to be negated by Blaze Dragon’s poor attribute with his law.

Fret not, dear sire. You have earned at least half the wealth of our cult, and you deserves to spend it frivolously for your most significant moment of your life. The p2w moment.

Firstly, let’s get rid of this plum rain from our ancestor, and have Ancestor Epochol cast a dust storm.

Hmm, shorter than I would prefer. We can recast it as needed. SPARE NO EXPENSE! :homebrew:

Also a great time for our body cultivators to breath in these premium dust. :discourse:

While Blaze Dragon waits for the preparation, he will dine on this high class earth element beef that is near expiration to denote the late ‘season’ affinity. The meal also have the word ‘wind’ in it to represents the stormy weather. It's leftover food

Good. Now to fix your poor Physique.

These should be everything we have that can boost Physique.

We have the best doctor ready if this lasted more than 24 hours.


Ah, Dead Meat is right on time for the weather boost.

Swallowing one fist size Qi crystal will get him charged.

Mr. Blaze Dragon, please enjoy your breakthrough in this ultimate Five-Star Fire Qi room.

Have a nice stay.

As for Ancestor Dead Meat, you will have to use the Five-Star Earth Qi room since it’s also 10% chance in the fire room.

Trust me that I wish you to succeed in your endeavor. For you are squeezing us dry with each failure repeat using these high grade water Qi gathering pearl.

Ah, yes. This too. It’s not enough to push it to 20%, but it might help for a few percentages.

Grandmaster Coffee is also rushing home for his breakthrough.


Ancestor Epochol is standing by to recharge him with a spell. It might not work for Golden Core breakthrough, but it won’t hurt to bless this young dragon.

All hail the birth of a Grade 2 Golden Core. :homebrew:

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