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Part 115: Day 249-255: Three Punch

The hottest time of the year will come soon.

Which mean a lot of mortal will come for our free air-conditioning at the gate while pretending to join the Great Bèn.

We are tired of shooing those good-for-nothing away, so we placed Radio Free Kobold’s precious next to the gate as repellent.

And test the mettle of those who really wish to join us. :madmax:

If they fail, we get their salt. :salt:

Our ancestor approves of this plan. It was their ideas.

These soul crystal can be used for a chance of increasing item grade, Qi capacity, or turn into exp for some law. These are all side projects we can focus on later.

We can also find crystals in certain places or make it with an evil spell, so we will accumulate them and do it all in one go later.

What we need now is a Demi-god, and Blaze Dragon is ready again after ONE trip to the fire cave. This, is the speedrun law. :intv:

Everyone recognize him as a speedrunner in cultivation speed. Not to confuse with our international deliveryman. :bandwagon:

So fast that he still has his buff.

Not that he needs it since he is paying 50 years for another 100%. Certainly much better than sitting to cultivate for 50 years.

The fire cave is simply too close to our sect.

The water cave is much further, but it gives Shei-kun as much EXP as a single drain from Outer, so she has been doing that.

I will skip reporting all sub-stages from here on. Blaze Dragon’s next breakthrough cost 80 years.

What we will report on are these mortal enjoying their cursed summer vacation. We will heat up the room if we can’t get the salt out of them.

Well that was quick. This one parched to death in the 20 C room.

We should had done this sooner.

Hmm, what else is worth reporting?

More barbarian raid? Hmm, no, those Goldies are too weak to talk about it. :hmmno:

No one cares about our treasury.

We need something that isn’t frequent and overly reoccurring…

A documentary of the tedious process for rolling each trait of our body cultivators for each of their limbs and organs?

They hit hard for a reason.

Our fox needs another season or two to be combat ready.

It’s losing weight, but gaining more muscle. :btroll:

All these heavy lifting for item delivery is making it swole.

Our Pear Forest didn’t grow much in Spring. Hopefully they are ready this season.

TNT #1 and #2 are hiding from heaven until the right time to utilizes them.

This is fine. :tif:

Oh no! We only got lucky the first time! No one else drops their salt!

:sickos: Fuming some boiling hot demon blood should do it.

Good idea, Mr. Turtle! But we will need to turn this into a fridge room to preserves the poop.

One of our location have 100k worshippers, which enable us to upgrade our local HQ into a Greater Hall.

We can make an attempt to monopolize this location, but we need to weaken our competitions first.

It cost 200 Influence, so we will make an attempt after raising attractiveness and built our Wonders.

Wonders are unique building that we can build for huge benefits to our cult. Only one per shrine.

First one reduce construction cost by 20%, and the second one let us collects Heavenly Dao? We will try the second one when we can afford the material.

I wish these mortals would accept other material.

Blaze Dragon is now our sixth Nascent Soul after burning 120 years for another 100%. Only took 2 trips to the Fire Cave.

Next one should takes about 20 trips. Other cultivator has to deal with one more digit of required EXP.

The spring demon is here! I know how to deal with you this time!

Too bad you are trapped in ANOTHER WALL!

Let’s hope one is enough.

YOU! You are the closest! Grab those fireworks now!

FIRE! :golgo:

It dropped its loot! Grab it!

Let’s see what we get from this two chest.

Food, more ammo, lifespan boosting items, and that Qi Protection pill.

Just in time to pay for his 180 years sub-stage cost.

Whoa, only 30%?

Time to solve it with money.

There we go. Max Misc Bonuses. :c00lbert:

The second chest didn’t have anything as good as the first. I should let someone with higher Luck to open them next time.

Speaking of Luck…

Lynneth is ready to become :siren:Demi-God:siren:

Equip this tribulation starter pack.

To the Extreme Privilege room! She cultivate right next to our dimension pocket treasury!

She can’t make use of this extreme Qi Gathering power, but it’s a gorgeous place to do it. Repair fee be damned. :homebrew:

Welp. Let’s see how many seconds she can last. :eng99:

“Cloud. Meet fist!” :argh:

:eyepop: THAT’S ONE PUNCH!

Oh, I forgot to activate berserk. :blush:

SECOND PUNCH! :magical:

Sorry, Shei-Kun. Looks like she is going first.

Third and final punch!

She took less than 10 seconds to become Demi-God! :magical:

The cloud does hit her rather hard.

No need for medicine. The wound will fix themselves.

There’s also a Treasure Suppression stat where body cultivator has a chance to grab onto an enemy treasure with their bare hands and burns Red Bull energy to hold it away from the enemy’s control! :black101:

She now earned herself another 30 days before facing the Wood Tribulation, or she can…