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Part 116: Day 256-259: Five Punch

Ancestor Lynneth will stays until the proper time to leave.

Blaze Dragon failed once. He is burning another 180 years now with Yellow Court Elixir pushing it to 60%.

One last step to become Demi-god.

Lynneth is fully recovered. She will travel around the world to grab whatever things that are too dangerous for mortal to touch.

She can’t travel on the map, but Demi-God can teleport straight into the map. Before that…

Now is a good time to test out her strength.

OH SHIT! Golden Core and Nascent soul! In ANOTHER WALL! (I have to make a hole since Body Cultivator have problem jumping/dashing indoor.)

Let’s start with Lynneth soloing the Golden Core.

It hurt Lynneth for 5% before going down. This is without berserk buff since it’s on cooldown.

Not enough time for berserk cool down before the demon started attacking our streetlight!

Evening Snow! Stop chilling between those ice bar during summer! We need you to tank for… 10 seconds!

Silly me. :blush: It only took 5 punches from non-berk Lynneth to knock it dead.

Woo! We can make better cloth with that hide. No meat though, which is what we needed for essence.

Broken streetlight have this rustic style among the lotus pond, but we will repair it for the sake of pissing off future demon beast with its bright light.

Evening Snow plays with Blaze Dragon instead.

Most of our Body Cultivators are also at the last stage before Demi-Godhood. It’s… very easy for them to breakthrough since they just need to keep their mood at max to get 100%, which is what we are good at in this cult! :buddy:

Most of them are capable of overcoming the tribulation unless they are being hold back by focusing on their unfinished quirk that requires ultra-rare essence.

Now back to Lynneth looting everything she can find.

Let’s pay a visit to this place that everyone said they will die.

This place supposed to open randomly(?) as an event, but for now, it’s a place filled with great loots.

Nothing of note in the meantime.

She will also let comatose demon live.

Killing demon raises our rep, and that’s... bad? Maybe we should? Golden Core raider are a waste of time.

Then again, killing weak demon is a waste of our ancestor’s time.

She has better things to do.

Cultivating also pause her countdown, so she can stay for quite a long time.

Sorry for the rest of you. I can’t keep track of anymore Body Cultivator, and you are going to explode soon or still waiting for certain Daoist law.

Fine, we can at least get Upper-Junior Nick Buntline to learn the Treasure Refine Law for assessment of its feasibility for cultivation.

Interesting. The first sub-stage get bonus from LESS comprehension.

Ah yes. You can be useful by printing money. :hmmyes:

Latecomer EXP package. Our shrines are like a bank that keep paying EXP forever. :homebrew:

You are way better for Alchemy law, but you don’t have time to wait.

Huh? Your treasure refining skill is capped at 17!? :pwn:

Alright, you will camp somewhere to pause your inevitable death until we get the alchemy law. Then you can break core for it.

Much time has been wasted on Outers. My eyes shall returns to Inners until some of them leave for good.

More coverage about our beloved suicidal mascot. He finally reached the realm equivalent to Golden Core. I will cry tears of joy on the day you ascend to become other ancestor’s burden.

Weaponized explosion that became celebratory firework. Lynneth is the only weapon we need.

OUR OUTER IS GETTING ATTACKED! By descendant of our Feng Shui Snake!

Our ancestors believe it is time for some sacrifice with an auto-save.

Both of our body cultivator got stuck in a jumping loop ancestor dances on the roof for the sacrificial ceremony.


100 days ago, Earth Shit god was upside down. Today, he sits right-side up. Another 100 days and he will stand up to save someone.

Only A Crab is around to save the day. :rip:


A Crab bust through the wall to hit the Snake! :aaa:

The rest jump through the hole to murder the snake.

Strange. This refinement realm snake only went down after taking a dozen blows.

The most ceremonious death. :black101:

Their poor descendent are scared shitless.

BookSnake will be fine. He’s a snake too!

Same for our Female Jvie… is this a spiritual message from Feng Shui Snake?

Are Feng Shui Snake not pleased with Nick’s promotion?

Regardless, the greatest casualty is time.