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by Nyaa

Part 118: Day 263-266: Coins for Wishes

I can’t find anything that speed-up (not instant fill) Divinity Cultivation, so we will make do with this house blueprint for them.

We will put the God Room in the far end of the sect since Divinity Cultivator can stay in deep meditation without needing food or anything.

This requires ridiculous amount of the best possible material that cost about a total of 100,000 spirit stone in market price. :nallears:

Why would they need Metal element bed? Is this a luxury house to make them happy? Why are there so many people subscribed to this design?

Let's patch up the wall and forget about this pointless design.

Because already have an even more expensive Metal element room! :discourse:

If I don’t see any changes the next time someone need a Metal room, Earth Shit God will get kick out.

Ohhh, one of our guest ate a dumpling and dropped a Fortune Coin! :ms:

Do I need to gather seven coins?

Like a genie lamp that summon the mythical Candle (Torch) Dragon? One of the godly being that is said to creates day and night by blinking its eyes?

The Great Evil King have a wish to fulfill.

The coin vibrates a bit as something begins to occurs…

We have summoned the ‘Spring Event’ Candle Dragon. Not to confuse with the murderous one that we will have to fight in the future. :ohdearsass:

Nice timing! Slaan spitted out two another offering to pacify this Sect-Wipe existence.

You summoned it, so take responsibility.

It’s nice enough to stay outside the map to not block my view. It also has an Un-selectable status, so we can’t attack it. Let’s talk.

The dragon said he became more amicable after being exposed to these otherworldly “Blessing Coin” and it’s interested in obtaining more of it. A wish will be granted for each coin.

We have two coin that can exchange for riches, and one for nice clothing.

We need a lot of rock to build our wonders.

Not this kind! Why isn’t there a mod that let me use other rocks instead of brown rock! :argh:

We will earn its approval instead.

It did not raise its affection for us, so it’s a worthless choice. :pseudo:

The clothing coins have a lot of descriptive item that makes it easy to choose.

We will get this one that boost State of Mind.

Blue Crane Cloths and Pants.

This is way better than any demon cloth we can make. Too bad it’s only for Female.

Slaan can have it. She might need it more than Lynneth.

Fortunately, Slaan spitted out another coin and I found #5 to be the male version.

I don’t think it’s translated to sunflower…

Our Earth Shit God will benefit greatly from dressing like a sunflower! :sun:

Wow, you look amazing! :fyadride:

It saved us 50 days’ worth of waiting! Now back to your normal room for wasting our Metal Qi room!

Slaan’s clothing is a bit plain in comparison.

Now that we have a new source of higher tier clothing, all Outer (including Junior Outer) will get the lesser premium uniform! :homebrew: