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Part 119: Day 267-275: Impending Changes

During the uneventful passage of the season, each of our Daoist Cultivator are flying non-stop to various cultivation places to earn EXP.

All to shock those hundreds years old cultivators to the fact that the Cult of Bèn can chuck out Demi-God in slightly more than a year.

Most of them will soon hit their final percentage-base breakthrough of their law before facing tribulation at the final line.

Except you. Holy shit, you (and Coffee) are still in Golden Core equivalent level! Your Senior Blaze Dragon would have blaze pass you in a week if he wasn’t waiting for better season bonus!

Many of our senior are going to get stuck by the 10% hard-lock due to their poor core at this final sub-stage.

These final stages breakthroughs will require expensive item or lifespan to do so. Poor Shei-Kun have 4 tries with her natural lifespan.

But that won’t be a problem when she can steal(?) a bit of other people’s lifespan. This version has no soul damage, so she can steal as much as she wants!

Especially after getting this thing that supposes to hide your dark deeds from heaven. We need five favors to get one of these... or steal it.

Fortunately for Blaze Dragon, he don’t have sub-stage since he already burning lifespan the whole way. :homebrew:

Oops! :supaburn: 232.4 C was too much for her terrible body that should be discarded.

Three more attempts…

Fortune favors the bold. We literally just found this book that unlocks all lifespan recipe.

Opps! :iceburn: -273.0 C was too much for her terrible body that should be discarded.

I swear this isn’t on purpose. I spend too much time with Body Cultivator who would never have a problem with their amazing, non-disposable body.

Alternately, we can blame it on Feng Shui for suggesting hazardous places that your body can't handle. :kimchi:

Two weeks of ultra-dense Qi wave.

Of course the blast came from Jack Shit place! To taunt me! :argh:

Coffee is still stuck at breaking through by living in the mortal world. Maybe cause he spent too much time handing out justice to the evildoer. :clint:

This might be why he needed more time in the mortal world. :hmmyes:

Don’t worry. It will grow back like a finger.

Truly an enlightening experience that protrude Coffee into Nascent Soul! :engleft:

All four tries burned. Maybe it’s easier to break core and start over with something that doesn't burn lifespan?

A week passed just like that. 8 full RL hours of babying 8 Body Cultivator. :eng99:

Including This. Mostly for time-saving preparation than actual cultivation stuff. I think he got two free stomach mutation so far.

I would love to time skip faster to get the next update posted, but I can’t deny everyone’s evenly paced struggle into the Goon Hall of Fame.

Hopefully something murderous will occur soon for natural selection.

On the other hand, we only got Golden Core invaders lately.

Ah, the spring goblin is back, in autumn.

No goblin was harmed in this celebrative act of stealing its shit.

Let’s hope for something that can slay sect-wipe dragon.

Big win on this one for useful elixir.

Poorer loot with low grade items.

Yes! The lifesaving Soul Binding pill! First dead first serve in the inevitable war ahead!

Or the war against heaven tribulation.

No point breaking into demi-god so soon for body cultivator. These 30 days are useful for map travel and whatnot.

Evil Kit does have better stats than Lynneth. All those Fire elements on his arm does adds up. :flame:

Contrariwise, our demon body cultivators aren’t doing too well.

They seem to have lower multiplier on their humanoid limbs?

Probably dues to their extra animal parts that supposes to give them a huge advantage or surpass the regular limbs.

Unfortunately, most of them requires eating Boss Monster parts, and we can only get those in auction and certain secret map area. This one needs Ancient Beast Bone Powder, which is an essence gain from devouring any boss part besides the meat.

Ah, just in time to demonstrate. This time we won’t care for the price.

... they only have mundane item... maybe next time.

Oh look! The salts produced in Cyflan Trial Gate is worth this much in ‘competitive price’. :argh:

Ahh, a regular piece of cold crystal that worth…

Scam auction at its best. :rolleyes:

:prepop: Well then. It seem our ancestor has send us a Phoenix Feather for demonstration!

That’s a lot of Essences!

YES! 15 Bone Powder Essence! Now Boksi can unlocks the Bull Horn technique! :madmax:

2900% multiplier on level one of this tecnique is really strong!

Evening Snow has grown! :neckbeard:

Did we raised the evil darker variant?

This is why their bed is so big. :allears: