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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

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Part 12: Day 13 - 14: Commune with Hope

Today is the real beginning of our communal life.

Everyone gets to eat normal food together and have time for casual conversations.

The cycle of Feng Shui is in harmony and the sect is at peace.

As peaceful as Cyflan who is harmonizing with the earth and wheat.

We may not be a great city or village yet, but we can claim to have a society.

Another male snake! But… it’s a male, that won’t be good for gender equality if we were to pay double attention to both snake! Or should we kill it like the one-door per house situation?

Let’s play it safe by building another orrery to see how it goes.

Moment after the orrery building order was issued, our main snake starved into coma again.

After a brief but nerve-racking amount of time later, Hats managed to bring home the boar meat tribute just in time.

Slaan apologizes to The Snake for the Pear Soup she made and feed it boar meat.

The other snake was impatient and attacked anonymousidiot.

Knowing that we need the snake for superstitious reason, the mysterious elder held back a little this time.

Less chop off and more shredded to 7 Cun (23cm, 9 inches).

Anonymousidiot, on the other hand, was constricted on the throat. Oof!

This must be another special snake if it knows how to wrap on a human neck! Commence fencing procedure!

Half a minutes later, the mysterious elder believes the blessing of two snakes are powerful enough to keep the sect safe.

Thank you, elder. For saving us from one wolf, and two snakes.

Thanks for everything.

From here on out, everyone will have to defend for themselves with these used weapon we found on rotting bodies, but we are running out of bodies.

We could… take the spear from Cyflan, but that would be disrespectful.

Woah! I didn’t know passerby we hired gets a bio for news gathering purpose!

We get all info out of Kaja when we hired her.


Since Kaja likes Chakram, we will make one for her.

18 boar meat left, which mean each snake ate about 10. That’s a huge consumption!

*sigh* Hats, we must trouble you to get more meat to appease these special snake.

Oh ho! The scraps are done! We can now make floors and roofs!

There are many floor designs that we can choose, and we will try out all of them with each room!

Blaze Dragon is really bad at building though, so he will be off the builder list.

After all, we must hold up to sect master Hats' expectation. He will be happy to see his new professionally-made brown rock floor when he returns.

Together with a paved path that lead to our sect stone with decorative pedestal.

We are still working on getting the second display item preserved since they melt as quick as ice.