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Part 123: Day 296-298: Bottleneck Puzzle

It’s good to have maximized the logistic travel of our body cultivator. They can practically eat and sit at the same spot with food teleport directly to them.

We already have successes in obtaining this rare essence from the Eternal Night weather. The trait it provide will weakens the body and delay tribulation timer, but the best benefit is the capability to increase the max amount of trait slot caps for all body parts. The brain is the only organ that can increase trait slot normally.

It’s a netgain in stat if you bother to take advantage of the additional slots. One of the Body Law is specifically design to take advantage of refining their body through Eternal Night Essence.

I won’t recommend you unlocking more slot through this method unless you have done this tedious trait-gacha for so long that it became a hobby. Like me. :cry:

But it's certainly worth the trouble of getting IceBlocks into obtaining human form, and the valuable beast form.

Human and Demon form provides balance stats to combat, which further modifies by combat stance later

Animal form contains an extra ‘Demon’ buff that greatly strengthen IceBlocks’ combat capability and speeds up body part cultivation. The downside is the decline of Daoist cultivation speed, learning efficiency, and mental state penalty. State of Mind affects breathing efficiency, so he will stay humanoid until the weather is over.

Besides the healing skill all body cultivator starts with, IceBlocks gained a SECOND rage skill that can boost their body stat and treasure for Daoist. This skill burns their life energy, which is… I don’t see anything consumed from using it. Not lifespan, or collected Life Essence.

Enough about body cultivators. I can now afford to place my attention on Outers since the rest of the Inner are travel-grinding cultivation EXP at element spots.

It will be a long wait for all of them.

TravelLog expressed interest in learning the new Charm Law.

It’s a shame that he can’t stay employed as an Outer…

But everyone has the rights to become immortal.

Except those Outer who can’t made it for their short countdown. Thanks for all your hard work, whoever you are.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a perma Base Stat buff secret art for Sense stat, so TravelLog will have to sacrifice a few dao cost to increase Sense from other arts.

Time to steps up our Charms product quality with this new master and… add soul strands for other Inner to use?

Ancestor GridLocked will accept you as his student in exchange for first dibs on whatever thing this law can do.

“You third generation have it easy with Max Qi.” :catbert:

It’s only thematic for your room to have a Feng Shui disrupting charms that boost Comprehension by 10%. Don’t worry, this non-sentient tree doesn’t drop leaves in autumn.

The sentient one is currently confine and roaming about in a nice empty room.

It really wants to eat some quality shit.

Regrettably, we need 400 more poops to turn the rest of the wheat farm into fertile soil.

Nick (Treasure law) will reach the Qi Refinement realm soon, and shortly follow by Foul (Charm Law).


NEVERMIND AGAIN! He did it first try with 20%. :golfclap:

Since he will be breaking core at next realm, there's no reason not to waste Dao point to prioritize flying over water element spot for exp.

This is our secret to Nascent Soul in slightly more than a month. :ssh:

Not fast enough to save our dusted Outer from short count down. It’s about time to get a new batch of mortals or desperate demons.

Or perhaps we can hire some unemployed Inner?

Or beat them up for ancient loots?

Either way, we can only come upon them by luck whenever they show up on the map.

Did Max Luck Radio Free Kobold led us to some sort of ancient burial ground?

To nobody’s surprise, Blaze Dragon is ready to become Demi-God.

Uhh, there’s one more?

The Eternal Darkness weather locked his Yin Yang Bonus to one.

60% chances after Yellow Court Pill, let’s go! :pray:

Success! His master, GridLocked gives it a cute cat soul boost thing to keep him entertained.

One string of consciousness gained, but... what next?

I just notice the exp aren't filled for some reason, so we will make a few more trips to hit the real bottleneck.

My bad, it only needed One Trip. Let’s continue.

Round 1: Alright, this is the real deal. Thank the heaven that this doesn’t cost anymore lifespan. :sweatdrop:

A Nascent Soul and Golden Core demon came for vengeance. But, this isn't Coffee’s breakthrough. :question:

Merely a three seconds hindrance. :smug:

Another one right after them?

Thanks for the nice shit!

Alright, let’s test with only accessory, metal TP, and his maxed Qi Protection skill.

That’s a lot less Qi than expected.

Hmm, 70k Qi tanked about half of the cloud strength.

Round 2: 57k Qi Non-element treasure loan by Coffee.

Plus, Daoist Berk-heal Mode for thematic climax to his lifeburning journey. :ssj:


He’s doing worst. The metal element treasure from last trial seem to have greater impact against the cloud.

Round 3: Our best Metal treasure pre-charged by Coffee.

Along with 15k more Qi to beat Heaven with raw number.

Almost forgot about this to stack on top of his Qi Protection skill. :swinson:

Only tanked 5000 more Qi from Round 1!? :aaa: More experimentation is needed for Blaze Dragon to beat The Game.

There’s no doubt that he can succeed with BUY EVERYTHING, but we should find an optimal path of investment for future Juniors who can’t afford to whale. :shepspends: