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by Nyaa

Part 124: Day 299-300: Daoist Immortal

Round 4: Charms. This will be a good opportunity to see how little amount of these bonus can help Blaze Dragon.

Quick reminder of the 370k Qi cloud.

Those weak charms with 0.0x bonus took off about… 10k. Could be 100K on higher decimal.

Round 5: Weaker treasure. I am told that having a treasure with too much Qi is bad if you don’t have the skill to back it.

So we will go with this treasure that have much lower Qi capacity scaling, and it's pre-charged with plenty of Qi by a capable treasure wielder.

Holy shit! Who knew wielding treasure above your actual skill capability would deters you this much!

I see. Qi Protection doesn’t apply to Qi being sucked into the treasure, so Blaze Dragon got more Qi to resist with his Qi-coated body. Kinda like body cultivator. Then what if…

Congratulation! You did it…


I can’t believe it! All these times, this Daoist treasure system have been a scam by heaven!

How many slots and treasure skill level does it need before it can surpass lv 20 Qi Protection!? :engleft:

One last thing I want to test is our :sparkles:Super Luxurious Metal Qi Room:sparkles:. Is it better than Metal TP?

Welp, this thing broke easily.

But the epic Qi concentration here is perfect for tanking with body. :frogc00l:

… He only started losing Qi after our Qi gathering item broke down and leaked/weakened the Qi concentration. :signings:

Uh oh, how much does it cost to repair our Dimension Pocket Station that have almost everything in it? :ohdear:

It's quite thematic for your breakthrough to burn down our entire wealth, so I will let you decide if you want to do so. In the meantime, I will assume no.

Back to the TP station.

I will leave this TP unrepaired while we brainstorm for a better design.

:eyepop: This a long list of breakthrough bonus! 40% more Qi protection and Elemental dmg recovery truly makes him as hard to kill as a body cultivator.

Congratulation, Ancestor Blaze Dragon! Your contributions to our breakthrough knowledge will be praised by all students! :neckbeard:

You have five days before a Firestorm comes to burn you. Maybe you should ascend to heaven?

I heard they have a nice casino. :angel:

Everyone will certainly miss you, but probably not for all the wealth you have burned. :retrogames: