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Part 125: Day 300-301: Mysterious Cave

On the 300th day, the Cult of Bèn gained a Daoist demi-immortal.

Everyone are excited with the insight and knowledge of how to become god without going to the gym.

Ancestor Blaze Dragon discovers two useless skills that: Makes a pill we can already produce with a magic tree, and a speed and success rate improvement for refining treasure.

We could had asked for a loan of this treasure to fight against the tribulation instead of making regular treasure that is detrimental to survival.

Instead of ascending to heaven, Blaze Dragon choose to stays home and watch over everyone while maintaining a formation.

It’s easy to max two skills with so many unspent exp and Dao reduction from the Heavenly Origin item.

To give the treasure system the benefit of a doubt, we will now invest heavily on Coffee like we do to Blaze Dragon to test out the capability of a master wield multiple treasures.

However, his law is for spellcasting, so we will wait for us to obtain the Seven Slaughter Law before breaking his core to start over.

It's worth the trouble just for cleaning off all these accumulated Dao Points and desperate Max Qi secret art purchases in the early days .

Not all is lost if we break core with the expensive elixir method. We will also keep an eye for other expensive elixir for him in the future.

In the meantime, Coffee will accumulate more favors from heaven and deal with whatever mysteries of the world.

To obtain new formation for Blaze Dragon stealing would be necessary.

Because the one we stolen was only useful for buffing treasure, which is useless for us until Coffee is ready to dip into Formation.

We have no idea how well this walking-lightbulb will do in stealth, but I am interested to see how long it takes for a whole sect to murder him.

Without treasure to protect him, of course.

An demi-immortal who don’t need to eat or sleep anymore will be fine. Mood is a mortal thing he no longer cares about. A complete shell of a person who owned everything with money. :shepspends:

Oops, Dead Meat already stole Pure Lotus School's formation scroll last time.

Waiting for opportunity is a bad idea for Blaze Dragon.

His tribulation countdown will continue when he is outside of meditation/cultivation.

He tries to punch down a wall for shortcut, but everyone noticed.

Welp, let’s count how long he wi- 0.3 seconds.

Ancestor Blaze Dragon is not pleased by the overwhelming strength of other sect.

It’s best to send someone who is great for the job by being disposable.

Let’s try stealing from this faraway sect that also have the break core pill I mentioned.

It’s fine. You will be fine. In another timeline.

Ahh, a new demon wishes to join us! Excellent, I am too lazy to invite more myself!

Good Fox. I will get you more non-turtle friends soon.

Sounds like a job for Coffee. Time to find out what is buried under us.

It’s located at the top right end of our sect and its appearance has destroyed one of our streetlight.

What!? It demands sacrifice and Feng Shui landscaping service!? I haven’t send you the bill for my streetlight yet!

Guess who ruined this perfectly nice Feng Shui decoration?

You turn my land into mud! How is that good Feng Shui?

It seems we can seal it up or make a wish for it.

We definitely can’t destroy it.

Coffee will go with our streetlight bill. :10bux:

Let’s starts with giving us more Qi to fix the Feng Shui.

It demands 39 units of any food item within 3 days. Fair enough, you need food to work afterall.

Food worth nothing to us at this point.

Hope you like Pear Soup and noodles.

An insignificant Outer can hands them over.

The duration is a bit short, but probably great for our Body Cultivators.

It became stronger by 5 points and remain satisfied.

Apparently, this thing is big enough of a deal to warrant a tutorial. I heard bad things about it, but unspoiled by the detail.

Let’s do the tutorial to decides how to handle it.

Ah, it has a Flood Dragon in there, and Extremely Auspicious Feng Shui will keeps it happy.

This is one of those Feng Shui disruption item that can turn a room's Feng Shui into Extremely Auspicious by satisfying its room requirement.

… aaaand this is the part where the English mod or something broke the tutorial. We will have to figure out the rest.

Fortunately, I know how to do this disruption setup and we happen to have one crafted by Huo Zhen a while ago! It’s clearly a sign from our Ancestor to have us build whatever room it needed!

It spawned in a nice unused spot of our sect, so this will be a great place for any kind of room!

HOLY SHIT! It actually wants us to make an Ancestral Palace! Is this Flood Dragon our ancestor!? What should we do!?