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Part 126: Day 302-304: Charm Upgrade

Even though our guaranteed successful Body Cultivator are back on mutation schedule, it is time to work on our Daoist cultivators and their troublesome mechaism.

Unlike body cultivator who contributes nothing besides murdering everything in its path, Daoist promote the growth and prosperity of the sect to foster a better environment for all goons to live.

Sadly, not all goons get to live long in this cruel world due to our inability to deal with external threats and pyramidal selfishness.

Which is why we need to work on Equipment that can benefits everyone.

The danger of extreme seasonal temperature has long been eliminated by our ample stock of demon fur clothing. Students of the third generation will never fathom the hardship our Ancestor has to go through.

Rumor on the street states that an equipment upgraded to the max of Grade 12 will gain extra or double its effect after gaining sentience.

Fortunately, our default skill mule, Sect Master Hats have learned all three spells that can make it happen!

The first spell will use 30000 Qi to rank up an item’s grade using Ominous Soul Crystal.

Thanks to the byproduct of Cyflan’s filtering system to salt-out unworthy mortal applicant, we got plenty of Ominous Soul Crystal to upgrade our items.

We don’t need to look for talent. Anyone with Bèn in their heart will find their way here and survives the Trial of Pear Curse. :10bux:

After much deliberation on which item for our upgrade experiment, we will settle with something that all Daoist can use for their breakthrough. The number value will be a good indicator of its improvement.

We will do it on the open ground.

For my sanity.

This will be costly, but at least I am not the one eating it.

This charm need 6 upgrades to reach max grade.

Hats wished he can be as lazy as Earth Shit God who have been in his room for almost a year now.

Upgraded. Nothing change since 6 to 8 are the same grade level.

Hats failed three times before getting it to 8 Grade.

The charm becomes salty enough to affects Feng Shui! :salt:

Ancestor Epochol identifying the charm while Hats swallows more crystals.

It makes you dream about the Trial of Cyflan. :yum:

Back to upgrading.

If only Radio Free Kobold is still alive. :saddowns:

We will have to make do with alternative medicine.

Upgraded to Grade 9 Divine rank. No change to effect. It’s probably better if we have upgraded the paper before making the charm.

We will reserve those paper for our future Charm Master.

Let’s receives our latest batch of students while we wait for Hats to burn out our salt reserves.

We have more opening after the recent departure of our Nascent organ donor. :chef:

Welcome, Greader. You shall discover the true meaning of Bèn by striving to become our best constructor!

I have no doubt you will be invited as an official gym member in the far, far future.

Next, we thank Mr. Prokosch for his 200 days labor contract. You can be our best farmer once winter is over. Umm, you are technically 150 years old in human terms, so this is not child labor and the Cult of Bèn will not tolerates the knowledge of such occurrence!

Ohh, we have a genuine artist crafter here! True to his name, Artificer is a genius fugitive who is clearly innocent! The Cult of Bèn would not tolerates the knowledge of sheltering non-innocent criminal!

This student might be our first unfortunate case of someone born with incomplete meridians, which are essential Qi channel for anyone who wishes to manipulate Qi.

Perhaps there would be a way to cure this, but working out in the gym would be easier. :boonie:

Lastly, we have Boofo who was press-ganged very willing to join the cult for 74 days to… uh…

Chop wood. Yes. Chop wood.

Success! It took about 12 tries? Not too bad of a result considering we still have 19 Soul Crystal left.

Now for the real costly part. There are two version of the same spell. One grant sentience to objects while the other to buildings.

Not only is it expensive, we won’t know if it succeeds or not until some period of time. Yup, it’s another chance based spell, but this can be influenced by the caster’s dao amount and the number of time the object has been subjected to this spell.

This 10 years’ lifespan version is only for awakening buildings, so its naturally cheaper since we can’t equip them.

Like this decorative (alive) bonsai tree.

The rarest material is this high grade soul crystal that might be salted from… fairy?

Anyhow, we only have enough resource for two tries.

Now to wait for it to gain sentience. If we are lucky.

Next up, it’s time to raise our greatest generation of Golden Core! :banjo:

Huh? That’s not the core grade panel?

Charm law have two Qi-Refinement stages!? Why?

This… isn’t success rate? Charm spiritual effect?

Come. Your father needs you for his weird breakthrough.

200% seems to be the max, so let’s go for it.

Uhhh, we are drawing a charm? For the core?

The bottom part is the amount of Qi needed to make the charm stronger. Don't worry, we haven't increases your Max Qi yet.

:siren: TravelLog! :siren: Please draw us a charm or pick a premade one with your desired effect. Assuming it’s a charm you can learn at Qi Refinement realm.