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Part 127: Day 305-308: Charm Breakthrough

Apparently, I got it wrong with maximizing the effect of this charm.

We are supposed to make a paper, upgrade it to 12, make it sentient, and then draw the charm while it’s alive. :stare:

With that said, we will have one ready by the time TravelLog is capable enough to paint on it.

Lots of salt will be consumed in the creation of this super paper. :salt::salt::salt:

In the meantime, TravelLog shall begin his first step within our predigest dragon poop room!

Unfortunately, we were not able to push your Qi into 10k without heavy usages of bad drugs. :zombie: Not even losing your precious is enough to add that extra 5k Qi. Such is the privilege for future generation.

Believe me, I tried.

The third button uses 100x the Qi cost just to draw that little C for half of your 5.8k Qi.

Now then, let’s have a faithful recreation of your wonderful design using my mouse on Amazing Brush Simulator.

We have enough left over using the second button. What a beauty. :stonklol:

True to your name, you have gotten one of the best charm effect for a world traveler! All clouds in the sky would partway in fear of the Bèn gesture! :flip:

Too bad we can’t duplicate that outside of your special breakthrough.

Imagine the joy of traveling to the dimension fracture like Epochol and got his spirit got sucked into another world.

He is in awe by the incredible megastructure, dense concentration of population, and giant metal bird that flew across the sky. :eyepop:

Inspired by this magnificent nation, Epochol went to a place call ‘Library’ to study the history of this world in hope of understanding how an enormous nation like this was built.

He narrowed the source of its creation to a native philosophy that complements his understanding of Dao. Greatly enlightened by the experience, he returns with a copy of his dissertation.

It increased Comprehension by 2 whole points and 5 points of Qi Attunment! :aaaaa:

TravelLog benefited the most from this. He might be the one who can achieve a million Qi someday. :worship:

Shei-Kun has been befriending the Myriad Demon Temple, and succeed at getting an unique treasure from their sect master.

Really, why bother making treasure ourselves?

Coffee gets the right weapon for the right law in the near future.

His fire law is perfect for this Earth Element treasure.

Talented sacrifice candidates have arrived!

It’s nice to see so many applicate prostrating for a chance to immortality. Too bad we are already full.

Ah, someone worthy has come.

A Nascent Soul friend from Myriad Abyss who we invited a while ago.

To rob his charms.

Mega discount for learning secret arts.

Whoever facing a firestorm or phoenix would need this.

TravelLog might be able to make this someday, but Coffee needs it now.

He has two top tier treasure that isn’t far from the unique umbrella we received a while ago.

This Nascent Soul might be difficult to take down after getting boost by that treasure charm.

This cheater can brawl with a dragon for days.

I overestimated him. The battle only lasted for less than 5 seconds! It was truly wasteful to use everyone's berk mode.

At least the pre-charged Qi in the treasure wasn’t used.

To the literal treasure room! Someone will have a field day with them in the future. Probably Coffee and TravelLog.

It didn’t take long for King Max Qi to reach the next sub-stage.

Surprisingly, he gets to draw again.

As a true artist, TravelLog will find a nice place to chronicle the mystical imagery unveils by his talent.

Everyone thought this rousing drawing of the wish-granting sewer snake might be too big in size, but TravelLog insist the scale is correct.

Wowzer! I butchered that so hard that it might cause nightmare instead! But let’s check the effect before I reload for the second time.

Great! The same Travel buff from before!

This is a good sign! The Grand Path to Transverse the Sky!

This would be so OP (for speedrun) if there’s a non-element cultivation spot for spam traveling.

Please make two or more drawings for your next two breakthroughs.

The Great Evil King is ready to become a demi-god!


But we need their salt!

Oops, he went down with everyone since his berk mode is still on cooldown. Let’s resurrect everyone back to a few minutes ago.

This time with Taiyi Scroll and turtle shell from A Crab. :madmax:

It’s vitally useful! The Great Evil King feels thankful for his brother senior's as-

Too bad. This tiger really needs his berk mode. We will have to wait for the long cooldown to be done.

As for the other two near-demigod, Shei-Kun is still stuck at the final substage that requires 120 lifespans per attempt on her hard-locked 10% chance. We might have to savescum once she used up all of our lifespan extending medicines... unless she wants to go for other alternatives.

Dead Meat on the other hand, is also stuck at the final sub-stage and grinding with less than 10% chances. At least he doesn’t need to pay anything besides Qi. Such are the price for having a low grade core. :eng99: