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Part 129: Day 311-315: Amateur Robbery

After a few hours of a very unexciting battle with occasional dining audience, the snake finally went down from accumulated damage, but no stat improvement from the trouble. Is it harder to level a skill after becoming cultivator?

Our five Demi-gods who occasionally tele-murder doesn’t see a rise in proficiency either.

Bounty hunting have been a breeze both in zero travel time and battle that lasted only seconds.

A lot less injury too after Blaze Dragon joined to tank for our glass cannons.

Maybe we should start tele-rob people…

These worth at least a 1000 spirit stone in selling price.

Make that 1500.

While TravelLog travels around the world to wait for the right breakthrough timing, he found the most game changing secret art in the history of our cult.

The ability to steal secret arts or LAW from the dead!

Blaze Dragon may be the best tele-robber, but the spell isn’t usable outside of the sect.

Heaven also hates this spell, so Hats will eat it for the team.

A what?

Before that, everyone will focus on breathing in the heavy rain snow, but not the disease. Please maintain social distance.

It’s attempting to break out of ANOTHER WALL.

It’s weaker than refinement demon.

Upon closer inspection, this Fei is a monster that looks like a one-eyed cow with snake as a tail. No other lore about it.

Their fur seem equal to demon skin.

The weather ended immediately after its death. Let’s reload and kill it a little later.

This time, we will knock it out cold and feed it Lost Soul Pill to keep it down for 3 days. Since it will wisp away in 6 days, we will butcher it at day 5.

Don’t worry, Herp is wearing mask while he handles this disease thing. :sg:

Great timing for Epochol to be ready for his breakthrough! The snow bonus only provides one point, but every bit counts.

He will need it for the super hard sub-stage that doesn’t provide failure bonus.

Not only it is hard, he will immediately face tribulation after the breakthrough.

But I am certain he can survive it.

Alright, drop your treasure and let’s go.

Speaking of treasure, we finally have a slot unlocker on sale by the trader!

Buying from the sect would cost 5 favor for 5k instead, but each favor usually cost at least 1k anyway.

Speaking of favor, the Pure Lotus Sword School finally asked for one! This Vermillion Fruit is worth 2 favor and cost 3k.

We take it from their backyard and give it back to them for a favor instead. There’s probably a term for this peculiar dance of diplomacy.

Like a dance between a Male cat and demon rabbit?

What happen to the demon rabbit? A favor happened.

On another dance, Coffee crit-friendship Acacia into gifting us an Earth version of Vermillion Fruit.

Finally, we can purchase the second slot unlocker!

Coffee will use these after core breaking into a stronger law.

Would be perfect timing if Coffee can fight them with three treasures.

Two Golden Core discussing how to ‘break in’ again from this enigmatic double wall security setup.

“That comatose Fei must be a fake to scare us.” :newlol:

Right outside the enigmatic wall is… a bunch of body cultivators! :black101::black101::black101::black101::black101:

They don’t have any good secret art worth stealing. Maybe I should invite someone instead.

Wow, a guest! This must be a sign that we must rob this person!

Another Golden Core with crappy law. He… can live.

Ohhh yesss, now we know who to rob.

We found their name, but not their location. We can’t ask with their name either. What am I suppose to do? :question:

For now, we need to invite someone to steal their unpurchaseable BODY law.

Specifically, one that designs with each race of demon in mind.

“Hi, friend.” *Head chewing frolicking noise*

“Please come to my cave for tea.”

Back at home, we have another visitor!

Your name means Wealthy, so you can only blame your ancestor for what will happen next.

Your Law have some unique spells too.

Strip this uninvited guest of his valuable and bring him to the… tea house. :11tea:

Oh? Did heaven send someone to stop us?

How dare you desecrate our ancestor’s statue! You think you can do whatever you wish because you are a Nascent Soul!? :argh:

This amount of Qi is pathetic even with your hardened shell!

At least it left something to fix our Feng Shui.

Our defiled Feng Shui.

Back to robbing shit in the tea house.

Let’s hope we are lucky enough to snatch the whole law from its mind.

We can only do it once per corpse. How unfortunate.

Regardless of failure, Hats took a point of Scourge.

By the way, I let the Fei freeze to death…

It forgot to take the weather away, so we will get permanent rain/snow until another weather overwrites it.