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Part 13: Day 14: Taming and Raid

I am beginning to grow wary for our food situation. That is because I have failed to account for feeding the snake.

Edit: They each only took one meat. I was fooled by someone taking a large chuck to the kitchen for cooking.

So we will refurbish the old and dark storage room for growing mushroom. They don’t need light, but was less tolerant for temperature change.

A tree farm should also be made to keep a stable supply of wood at close distance.

The second snake have awakened after a long coma. It’s… slithering into Radio Free Kobold’s future room when he became an inner.

Wait, why is Kidz healing th-


The snake was relaxing on the ground when kidz pets it, which scared it way until it stopped moving.

Kidz then move closer to play with it, but the snake found the grass near kidz to be more interesting and gave it two licks after a good sniffing. The snake then sniffs Kidz, and leaves in annoyance.

However, it circles around kidz happily after he healed its wound.

“Thanks for your healing!”

The snake is now set to follows kidz for a brief period of time.

Surely nothing could go wrong with taking down this second cursed orrery.

Welcome back, Hats.

You finally have enough Qi to make a treasure.

However, you do not seem well enough to do so.

Ah hell, the poop is going to melt in two seconds. Let’s go for it!

Speaking of melting, Cyflan is close to that.

Let’s see if this fertilizer rumor is real or not…

WOW! It’s real! Thanks Cyflan! For your 2 square range boost of 20% while the other wheat is still 138%!

Note to self: Make at least 5x5 farm from now on.

It’s sad that we can’t bury you, but we will get over it after one full day.

Hats failed. It seems we should fix his crushed mind first.

… before he lost it.

Playing with birds at the entertainment/dining room with little auspicious is good for now. This place need to enlarge and renovate more to overcome that Feng Shui leaks of having multiple doors.

In the meantime, we will build a refinement/alchemy room, but the door need to face east for Feng Shui reason.

Too bad Hats’ alchemy skill is too low to make any pills.

Our main Feng Shui snake remain stubborn at accepting our love.

But the animal breeding area behind the kitchen will be ready for it. If only we can find a female snake…

Day 14, 4:12pm
Weather: Foggy

Radio Free Kobold, Why are you eating the snake offering? Can’t find your way to the kitchen?

Oh great, these delicious food recipe is burning down our stock already.

Everyone is going back to pear/lotus-root soup.

What!? Right in the fog!?

Phew, it’s just a ‘group’ of one person.

A 52 years old monk who got hit by a lightning in the past.

The heaven knows we are weak, so it sends a near-disable old man to raid us as a trial. In fact, it lightning strike him just to make sure we can handle him.

Hats can obviously turn him to dust, but maybe someone would want to duel him to the death?