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by Nyaa

Part 132: Day 334-340: NOT THIS YEAR

Spring is back!

This year, our Pear Forest will mature for sure!

A sentient rock decided to join us!


It brought forth Most Fragrance. :synthy:

Welcome, ANOTHER WALL. Please enjoy your stay in this empty room with Mr. Tree.

As for this hole… would it offend ANOTHER WALL if we patch this up? Is it right for us to play god with another unliving wall that might come to life again?

FINALLY! Time to get the Seven Slaughtering Law! :black101:


Oh! You’re already there grinding relation! Great timing!

This might be our lucky year.

But not for our test subject.

It actually gets worst if we ignore the demonic urge.

Still not strong enough to overcome the joy of living in our wonderful home. :smugbert:

The exp grind is over. It’s time to become a Demi-God!

Uh oh. You might be the only Nascent Soul in the world with such a tiny Qi pool, but that’s mostly due to arthritis. :corsair:

Thankfully, the Wood law have Qi boost art.

But we have max skill! Did he lost by LUCK!? :bang:

I REFUSE! Coffee actually sized up his opponents and decided to come back for preparation!


Grab a better treasure just in case!

Good luck! You really need it!

Phew… we did it. Probably barely made it too, since we didn’t get rep penalized for sending a Nascent Soul. :sweatdrop:

This is more demanding than the Bear Law. Three tribulations too! :zoro:

He should break core with special elixir that preserves his EXP, but we can’t find one (that is safe) so far.

Not that we need it. This should be enough for Coffee to buy his whole skill tree.

Back to Shei-kun. She will need more than luck and combat drugs.

She is close to max Qi Defense skill, but Blaze Dragon have 3x more Qi.

Not now, Mcclay! We are watching Shei-kun!

Metal Lightning versus Fire TP. The TP actually cut the cloud’s Qi by slightly less than half, and heaven appreciates voluntary arthritis.

Worth every single fire bar to build this thing. The outdoor rain/snow will put out the fire, so we don’t need to worry about that.

Except this! Put it out! :supaburn:

Uhh… she could had done it with her initial 15k Qi, no secret art, and probably no rare medicine either…

Wait, this doesn’t seem right…

NOOOOO! Wood Law have two stages for Nascent Soul! :gonk:

Can she really make it through the rest? Even Dead Meat is stuck on his breakthrough percentage.

Let’s reload undo her Max Qi buffs. It might be a good idea to save the boost for the last arthritis stage as a trump card.

That’s better. Only Qi Protection pill was consumed.

Down to three digits Qi. Next breakthrough should be the prime again.

Back to your water cave.

Sorry for the wait, let's being your core-break operation.

Before that, let’s see how well you fare with the optional breakthrough.

This and max treasure skill against the tribulation fire storm. :ssj:

Two treasure boost charms.

Ouch, Dao breakthrough is way harder than normal one.

The treasure instantly drank 80% of his Qi when it ran out. Not using treasure seems like a better alternative, but Coffee will go all in to prove us wrong.

Time to clock-in on your logging duty. :whip:

A soul pearl is needed to replaces his core, so we will use this Feng Shui Disrupting core from our turtle donator. Does it affect anything? Probably not, but it’s an honor.

What can go wrong in extremely cursed Cyflan Trial Gate?

Everything burst off him in glorious nudity. :madmax:

This is his original attribute, which will need to be higher in Sense, Physique, and a bit of Luck for his new law.

Coffee is in the best generation to start anew. Each spell does cost 60 years. I guess the cost increased for game balance post-translation?

Blaze Dragon barely have enough to cast them, and three of these alone rivals his own p2w cost, but now it is time to p2w for his disciple.

Each casting takes a long time to complete.

Coffee went to sleep after three long and intensive p2w session.

Physique: 6.3 –-> 7.5
Sense: 5 --> 7
Comprehension: 5 --> 7

Oh? Three enraged Female cow is raiding us? Time for Coffee to teach them a lesson and improves his swordsmanship.

By which I meant the good old days of brave sniping. Fully abiding to the unspoken law of social distancing.

Hurry! Greader the bull is going for the ladies!

Oh man, getting three-way stampede must be rough.

Hold on, folks! Coffee is coming!

Snipe behind the tree as usual. :golgo:

YEAH! He totally hunted this cow!

Melee are for coma-lover.

That’s an impressive amount. The cow you are trying to shoot is down south btw.

You can’t outrun arrow!

This is the past and future of Bèn.