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Part 133: Day 341-343: Resourceful Generation

Oh no! Someone need to take in all these overflowing exp!

Clearly this is a sign to promote Coffee.

A dozen gallbladders will get you back in.

Daily training is a waste of time. RIP the first generation that have to do this raw.

Great! The permanent stat gain pushed Coffee into qualifying the Seven Slaughtering Sword law. That bit of luck can be easily filled with a secret art.

This is a war of spamming Secret Arts against Heaven.

The Seven Slaughtering Swords law consist of only treasure strengthening arts with mental state boost, and some unnecessary dark cultivation arts. All in all, this might be the best law to improve state of mind.

Back to the sky! Go pick up your greatest weapon against Heaven.


And the best resources of this generation.

On a more sinister side of faith, our Charm Law tester is ready to draw another charm.

A thought crossed my mind when I was pondering on what to draw.

What if I stack him full of stealth charm?

He got a huge increase in stealth stat! :ninja:

He can get caught and people would doubt if we really send him.

It’s great when the stars align to your idea. :hehe:

One more stealth charm and you are out to do the good deeds for us.

Assuming you don’t go mad from this cursed scam of a secret art. It’s now at -180 mood penalty.

There’s no cure or remedy for this, isn’t it?

Next cultivator that requires attention is A Crab.

He won’t have any problem tanking the final tribulation, but he is not at his hardest and toughest possible state. The whole point of (my suffering for) raising this turtle is to tank, so it’s time to do what we can to make it happen.

All he need is top grade Earth Essence. :argh:

NO! I don’t want to adopt another awakening turtle!

To get that essence, we need our spellcaster to summon a Duststorm for luxurious breathing.

Goodbye, eternal rain. Your stays were truly ‘brief’.

Only half a day? Epochol going to get arthritis at this rate.

Oh noo! You are having fun NOW? :argh:

Thankfully, our Guqin table is made of iron.

At least you jumped back to your seat. :colbert:

It's only a matter of time before Coffee becomes a War God with these faiths.

After changing the weather, Epochal managed to caught up with an Ancient Cultivator.

#4 sounds like a taunt and flee? Let’s start with #1.

Sounds like a good wife for Coffee. Let’s inquire her about Divine beasts.

I hope this doesn’t unlock the actual threat.

Not like we can stop it at this point.

Nothing shows up on f10 or the actual compendium. Guess we will have to learn about them the hard way.

To really prepare for the worst, Blaze Dragon unlocks the recipe for a special treasure as recorded in the Heaven Stealing Law.

The artifact of legend. Mythic product of ancient era. The old stuff that’s clearly better than what we have.

Interesting. This needle becomes stronger the closer you reaches your lifespan limit. Certainly the perfect weapon for Blaze Dragon if he ever feels like investing in treasure control AND max out treasure refinement.

Welp, the precious half day of duststorm is over. No one gotten the top grade Earth essence.

We need a major renovation to increase the Qi concentration of the Yoga area.

In the meantime, please huddle together to free up spacing. Social distance will be put on hold. Try to breath forward to avoid air contact, and get some demon fragrance essence while you are at it.

Oh, the eternal rain/snow is back… briefly.

It’s okay. Evening Snow will keep you all warm. :kimchi:

Let money papa fix your Qi concentration trouble! :shepspends: