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Part 134: Day 344-350: Best Sword and Awful Shield

How curious. Coffee’s breakthrough cost cultivation exp, so he will have to build it up again if he fails.

Won’t be a problem on the first realm.

Our super yoga mats are fully installed for each body cultivator. Each of these Cultivation alter can gathers 600 Qi by itself! :wotwot:

Not only is this outdoor facility fully abiding to social distancing rule, it’s fully facilitated with water and dining table for all your minimal activity needs! A few fire ingots are added to help you get some Fire Essence and stays warm!

Why is he getting more boost to spell damage than treasure?

He will hit the next realm after one more breakthrough on the same thing.

After reading an ancient scroll in our storage, we found a new Divinity Law. No idea how it got there. :iiam:

Completely vague as the other Divinity Law.

It’s day 350. A good time to have a progress report for our Inner.

A Crab has reached a point where he consumes more than he can eats, so he went into coma after going back and forth between dinner and storage. No time to cultivates at all.

The only solution is to manually instant fed from inventory, or clean out some mutation that increase consumption. After casting Dust Storm FIVE times and failing to get the high grade Earth Essence, he is going straight to heaven after breakthrough! *Insert angry cursing and screaming*

TravelLog is stuck around grade 3 with 11k Qi due to lack of element and season bonus. Currently grinding Max Qi through normal furnace refinement. About 5 Max Qi per day. I recommend to go for grade 3 since it’s almost guaranteed to succeed, but you won’t have the max amount of possible Max Qi.

Coffee should have no problem hitting core zero. Just waiting for Autumn for Metal element. He can grind his furnace in the meantime.

He probably got this high from some herb in previous law? Either way, grind furnace.

Before I forgot again! Might as well unlocks his treasure slots now.

Duel-wielding Seven Slaughtering Sword and Heavenly Lotus Sword with Ring of Chaos! :dota101:

Let’s test it out on a Male Bear inside our Money Tree Pear Forest!

I don’t think our Body Cultivators can dodge this Seizure Strikes, holy shit! :prepop:

Let's compare with Hats attacking this hidden angry cow here.


Back to other Inner. Dead Meat is soft Stuck on final breakthrough through <10% spam breakthrough. Just a matter of time. Same for Bear Law Mcclay.

Shei-kun have a whole realm of three breakthroughs to become Demi-god. One of those requires several attempts. Highly recommend to break core at this point or become permanent Formation anchor.

They both have good core, and still grinding exp at their element spot.

Earth Shit God will be done in 7 days.

That concludes everyone who isn’t demi-god or predigest enough to matters. Those unmentioned Inner are either skill dump or grinding relation with someone.

Their pitiful existence only serves to amuse us immortals.

Hats does deserve the honorable mention of his low budget grinding relation, making charms, weather summon, item upgrades, and sacrificing his karma to perform dark arts. :drac:

The most beneficial things he can do for the sect is these two spells. We still need Primordial Amber to attempt another awakening, and waiting for some random victims with nice law to steal.

Apparently, he can use the Soul Capture spell to harvest Primordial Amber out of sentient object like our door that have been stuck in the forest since its appearance.

Our beautiful, o’ so beautiful Pear Forest that took painstakingly two years to mature. :qq:

Using Soul Capture on it will remove its sentiency, but it’s better than being stuck as a door in the forest forever.

Now we can try to make another attempt to awaken our charm.

No idea how the charm has gotten outside the room. Probably the wind.

The awakening will take a few days, but the odds of success are higher on subsequent attempts.

For the sake of curiocity, Hats performs Soul Capture on a mortal.

Just regular salt that can be passively produced in Cyflan Trial Gate.

Our ancestors agree the gate is inauspiciously cursed enough to get the job done.

OH SHIT! What happen to the season bonus!? Spring is Wood element! Whatever, now is the good time to breakthrough!

Phew, it’s good that we are well prepared, and very, very wealthy. :homebrew:

Golden Core of Seven Slaughtering Sword is a bit unique in their method. Their core is this artificial pill that I assume will hatch a badass sword soul spirit.


No interruption from demon revenge? I guess breaking the previous core is good enough for them. Or they are too scared by Seizure Swords.

By the great ancestor! Breaking into Grade zero takes 145k! :monocle:

Although Grade zero is a translation bug for Grade 1, this should count for the over-achievement.

Why is he still getting more boost to spell damage? :raise:

At the fourth generation of our cult, the greatest Bèn warrior is born among holy shits. All without bad drug or sunflower donation. :golfclap:

He gained way more than the stated 25k Qi, but this isn’t the most important part...

His treasures are the one that will handle all offense and defense.

A proud Grade Zero! He is the perfect exemplar of why you should break core and start over. Really.

Now for your seniors to teach you all the good arts at Golden Core for a nice discount.

Oh ho! More good news! :allears:

This is nothing compares to the 6x clouds that demon have to tackle.

I am fine if you fail against this non-element cloud. We could use more organ donation for turtle soup.

Huh!? You actually fail? Oh-

He will try again with our Tribulation starter pack. :c00lbert:

He is very close, but how did he do it the first time against 6 clouds!? :psyduck:

Fine! These two gears should be enough to get you over! :mil101: