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Part 135: Day 351-358: Bèn Farewell

Hi, A Crab. Prepare to ascend. :ironicat:

We will save scam harder than… I don’t recall doing any Real save scam, so let this be the first for the sake of getting rid of you forever.

But we won’t let you win by cloud dodge RNG. No, I have standard, which is somewhat fractured like a Grade 4 core thanks to your existence.

Although we can have you grind more mutation until you can overcome it, but I rather you start feasting at the ancestor’s food storage… they would be fine, right?

Currently, your stat is god awful. Your attack modifier as a turtle is horrendous.

Not sure why your defensive leg’s stat isn’t carry over, maybe that stat already factored in dodge average?

It’s with great pain that we will have you make an attempt in our expensive Qi room.

You burned 60 food meter on your ‘trip’ to that room. :btroll:

Hahaha oh you :catbert:

It’s painful to watch JVie brought him back from where A Crab came from.

I didn’t expect to be solving a logistic puzzle for this LP, but here I am.

Good, you can jump to this spot.

Now jump over there.

20 food left.

Attempt #1:
Good enough. :f5: Do it here. At least your food meter pause during tribulation.

No good. The extra Qi and Metal element doesn’t help.

Attempt #2:
This time, you will have a full belly – that rapidly deflate.

The cloud may be non-element, but we may as well.

Come on, come on!

We are close, but not because of the TP.

Attempt #3:
He has a full bar before the save…

More reason for his bug-like existence to go.

This time I will click Berk mode as soon as it pops up! :f5h:

Much better start.

The cloud is catching up. :ohdear:

I don’t know how, but the cloud crit-strike away 50% of his HP. Does the normal tribulation cloud hit harder?

I have been activating his unique turtle demon skill that buff his defense.

Which I just realized it need times to activates unlike berk mode.

Didn't help... do I really have to scam dodge RNG?

Attempt #4:
Equip a normal weapon. Every little bit of damage boost helps. I skipped it since you always drop weapon on coma. :baduk:

He was so close! The weapon isn’t from Greader btw.

One thing I notice from all these retries is that the tribulation cloud doesn’t always destroy your Dao Foundation.


A Crab is right. We should take our losses and go for the p2win route. The Bèn way to get rid of this turtle. :hmmyes:

Time to bust out our expensive pill. You can use it to instant core break, but it's better for saving life.

Uhh… he digested it into essence… we can’t revive body cultivator with elixir. There's no going back. :downsgun:

Alright, Plan C.

Back to mutation. :cry:

Pump fire elements into your fist front offensive leg.

Have a personal waiter delivers equipable instant inventory meal. You are going to succeed this update.

Or else negative gossips about you will only increases.

It might seem ironic that I am selling food for money at this critical juncture, but summer will be here soon, so we are fine.

Coffee earned a title for his Grade zero core!

He will stick with the Sword God title. :frogc00l:

How did you wonder all the way here for drinking water!? :psypop:

Attempt #5:
Screw it, you got one stack of Fire Essence. Let’s see how well you fare.

Actually, do it next to the trader.

She should be in range for a stray strike.

Ohhh! The fire essence does help a lot! He does have a lot of berk multiplier.

OHHHHHH! :worship:

We did it! And we won big!

Everyone will return for the ascension ceremony!

Attempt #6:

… and we are back again after the game crushed in autosave.


Attempt # ∞
Done. He broke through, and didn’t snatch the Air of Tribulation this time... let’s call it even with the game for the its reverse ‘save’ scam.

We certainly won’t save scam for the failed sentient awakening.

Come home, everyone. It’s time to bid farewell to the most cursed disciple in the history of Bèn.

It would be embarrassing if others know of our Demi-god who goes into coma from hunger.

Let’s held the ascension ceremony in the empty Hall of Sentient. Before he went into coma again.

Coffee the Inner, and JVie the Outer are the first to attend.

The Inner sits around A Crab to meditate upon this momentous moment of the Cult of Bèn. Outer kowtow at the chance of witnessing a giant turtle flying to the sky. :worship:

With a final bestial roar of hunger, our ancestors in heaven begins to worry for their divine food storage.

Holy Shit, you really just floats backward into the sky!


No way…

I am speechless.

Everyone are… meditating. Comprehending upon this whole unique process of ascension: So this is how the ancestor does it? Fasts himself into hunger coma and then… fly to the sky?

“Dear father-in-law, I might have chosen the wrong cult.”

This is the Bèn-est ascension ceremony we deserved.

Now everyone will pretend he did ascend and didn’t starve to death.

Did we… send our ancestor a beach stranded turtle?

Let’s call this an honorary expulsion instead.

Goodbye, A Crab.

Although you are an extremely cursed existence that managed to speed run into heaven, you are still part of the Goon Family, so we wish you luck in grinding a bunch of new power levels in the next realm. Starting as an Ancestor Outer.

Party’s over. Everyone feel enlightened by the ascension and gain a big boost to their cultivation for the whole season.

Thanks, ancestor A Crab. For leaving such a Bèn history for this cult. :golfclap: