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Part 136: Day 359-365: Divine Kingdom

Now is a good time to look at the fate of our ex-members.

So far, we have three deaths, three destroyed puppets from spell, and ancestor A Crab.

After death or expulsion, or ascension, your random generated life will be recorded to match with the date of your latest save file. Usually there will be a long pause at whenever they into cultivation again, but they could be killed back into reincarnation at some point in the future.

Radio Free Kobold and Cyflan are currently an Inner and Outer at some sort of sect that I can’t find yet. We might be able to invite him back if it’s possible.

It only took Kaja three lifetime of reincarnation to get back into the cultivation world after getting fried from a stray tribulation lightning. She became a cow on her first life, and become beef stew at old age. Second life, she was a newborn chick who becomes Newborn Chick Mushroom Soup. Third life, she became a wild boar who was fortunate enough to ate at five thousand years old herb to become a demon cultivator.

Since A Crab is out of the reincarnation cycle, the adventure record keep generates his adventure until something kills him back into the mortal cycle again. He lasted 2500 years into the future before his ultimate death in the Great Demon War.

Back to the present time where everyone is still getting off from A Crab’s ascension fragrance.

Now we can bulldoze his room, and make sure to burn the bed to scrub away the shameful history.

Just make up a nice story about his achievement of… uh… he never did anything for the sect… let’s just say he… I can’t think of anything, goddamn it! :bahgawd:

“It’s indescribably amazing! Don’t ask!” :11tea:

Now to bring it a worthy replacement successor.

Herp the cat is ready to punch.

In the Cult of Bèn, you can become an Inner in 10 seconds by eating a lot of Gallbladder. Training on a wooden dummy is all in the past.

Become the latest gen of demon cultivator!

Cat demon can refine their eyes to improve Qi piercing rate, and the Nine Lives technique for their extremely tough-to-kill body.

Wow, these aren’t difficult to get at all! It’s just a matter of waiting instead of depending on rare weather or items!

Summer arrives. What else to do this season?

Ah. Robbery.

We don’t need to worry about the temperature for this season thanks to our Brief Rain. :yayclod:

A good temperature for Earth Shit God to finally breakthrough.

Divinity breakthrough use their own calculation, and the grade are backward, so this is like Core Grade 7. We aren’t raising him for real, so let’s go!

Our extremely wealthy treasure room is only considered one-point bonus out of five for room decoration. God have some insanely high standard. :monocle:

Their ‘core’ is a golden construct of some sort. It will take him awhile to build(?) it.

In the meantime, we need more treasures to please our god!

Some mortal was pissed at their herb farm being on fire. Don’t worry, we killed the one responsible.

Our target was wearing higher(?) tier demon skin, and we will get the best one sooner or later. So there no reason to keep in stock of our inferior fur and clothing after robbing enough elders.

The majority of our robbery transpire within our cult during tea time with our tea friend. :morning:

We do have an unfortunate casualty from the crossfire. He lacks the meridian to cultivate anyway.

The risk is worth it. We can grab those RNG law that contain good secret arts. This is one of them.

Maybe this new art will be helpful in our mugging operation. :magemage:

There individual RNG secret art on the other hand, suck.

Their soul suck. Do we have to kill demi-god to get Primordial Amber?

Thankfully, the stolen law doesn’t get recorded automatically, so we can choose not to do so if the law sucks. It’s not possible to extract individual art, however.

Hmm, our ancestor seems to disagree with sacrificing our student for profit and/or the act of robbery? This is also our last two snake in the pit.

We might have been too greedy with this sect. Let's send some charismatic cat over to appease them.

Our cat are not pleased. :monar:

The Great Benevolent Ruler of Heaven arise! What an audacious title to declare to the world!

He is now in the realm of Divine Kingdom, which is name after their literal opening of their kingdom.

Behold! A whole new world of game mechanic unfolds within sight!

This is… his miniature ‘core’ temple? In a kingdom building sim.

There is some sort of elemental worship system… we will go with Earth element for the Qi Defense boost.

Clicking those buttons does nothing, but clicking this patch of land….

Give us various buildings for various benefits. They require Faith points and certain believer population to construct.

We will not have any problem with faith/exp points from our shrines.

The first building is a residential housing for worshiper. It cost 1000 faith to increase the believer population cap.

Earth Shit God’s kingdom can hold 1k worshiper, which isn’t enough to purchase certain buildings, so let’s build the housing.

Oh good, we can upgrade them and save on future land expansion. Each housing level increase the max pop by 1k.

He should be able to get more land from breakthrough and building certain Wonders in our shrine.

Base on his current mental state, our god can hold 20k worshipper in his kingdom before resentment are produced.

Resentment are bad and can be generated from various source, but mostly from displeasing worshiper.

There’s also this Core Worshiper system that you can promote them into Guardian for more boost to the kingdom.

We will send Earth Shit God to Most Fragrance shrine to gather worshiper for his kingdom. It will be another long wait for him to do his things.