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Part 137: Day 366-371: Enraged Sect

The murder of their sect master might be the cause of their recent animosity of negative 200 relation.

The good news is, they are our neighbor, so a quick spam visit will fix it our relation.

One favorite gift push us back to neutral.

Unfortunately, our charisma cat can’t leave for a while, so Hats will have to perform the lip service. :biglips:

Uh oh…

I don’t recall inviting that many disciples of theirs for tea… :stonk:

They did lose three (or more) strong Nascent Soul.

Maybe we should bury their corpse to salvage some relation…

To the wheat graveyard you go.

Recent happenstance also given a boon of friendship with their neighbors. They shouldn’t join force against us if we maintain positive relation with them.

Either way, we should prepare for war.

Herp is doing well with our new Body Law. His new technique is Poison teeth that designs for Qi Piercing. This will be his main gimmick through Metal element. One punch to pierce through everything. :killdozer:

Both fang does require wood essence to boost hit chance.

At these time of great tension, we will stay low-key and profit through other methods.

Our ancestor is frowning at our thoughtless actions.

Hats failed. I blame the sorrowful atmosphere.

Blaze Dragon’s turn to cast his charm spell. His demi-god realm should make it easy to succeed.

But first, she need to be in coma.

Excellent! Evening Snow will keep her occupied while the frostbite worsens. :newlol:

Oh boy. Time to pay for our karma. :tfrxmas:

Two not-cheat Nascent Soul.

The only real problem in this pic is the tribulation cloud forming above Lynneth. It’s about time she face her second trial.

One of them are in coma! Do your magic, Blaze Dragon!

Failed? There's no prompt or message for it. :confused:

Steal her law then. :nallears:

Darn. Her RNG law have a lot of luck boost. Not for sale of course.

The charm spell doesn’t work on guest either.

Wow, another wave?

Five not-cheat Nascent Soul.

I am too lazy to collects these treasures. Dump them into our security array. :nallears:

Their junks are trash, and their law are awful.

Their salt is the only thing we will use for item upgrade.

Maybe we should keep the war going. It is quite profitable in terms of salt and fertilizer.

However, heavy investment is needed to rise above others. Sword Saint Coffee will be ready for Nascent Soul soon.

We should make a genuine full fledged god to protect the sect. We have enough shrine to fund a second one.

As deceived from the new breakthrough formula, Earth Shit God’s breakthrough grade can go above 10, so he is actually at the SHIT end of mightiness. :sweatdrop:

On the bright side, he gets a free ride into heaven as soon as he hits 100 divinities. So he can bless us from heaven in due time.

Since he lacks the charisma to attract people on the world map, he will have to fulfill people wishes to earn their trust and divine citizenship.

Faith are spent to create miracle that solves mortal’s problem. We will get one worshiper for helping this guy to curse his business rival with bad fortune. No gain on divinity with something this simple.

This, on the other hand, will impress many with the destruction of the neighbor village.

Uh oh. The kingdom doesn’t have enough to hold all these new people. We will avoid answering purple rarity request for now.

Uhh the cost is rising at a ridiculous rate! Does it scale with population like Dao point? :eyepop:

Perhaps it’s better to grab a big request and spend the rest of his faith reserves into upgrading the residential area.

I might have to reload.

We will keep an eye out for new god candidate with unique mental state and mood traits, and preferably low comprehension with high charisma.

Back to keeping our main combatant from the grasp of hell. We need Lynnette for this war, and this army accepts female in respect to gender equality.

To the Fire TP!

The inflated amount of Qi is concerning.

Now she has to punch Twice to be done with this minor hindrance. :baduk:

Lynneth will be with us for a long time.

Let's test the waters on our enemy territory while Lynneth is still in berk mode.

No wonder they can send so many Nascent Soul Elders at us.

Found their formation leader!

Aww. She timed out of berk mode.

Not bad. She lasted 2 seconds. :zoro: