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Part 138: Day 372-375: Cursed Pear Rain

Not everyone can survive the harsh trial of Cyflan, or rather, no mere mortals can survive it.

The actual answers is to use this side gate. :eng101:

Welcome, fellow goons who are smart enough to enter through the back channel. The Cult of Bèn accepts your wits and bravery!

We have an extremely capable worker with potential for either Daoist or Body cultivation. He will have 210 days to think it over.

Our brief rain must have attracted this lovely frog to our humble Pear Barony. Did she hop over our trial gate to get in? Well done.

Fascinating. You have an amazing Qi replenishment rate with terrible frog stat, so you might be great for Divinity Cultivation! You shouldn’t need to sit on all of your 728 days to become god.

Next we have our open-ranch awakening co-uhh, come to the ancestor alter when you are done.

Welcome! Our home grown premium beef cultivator! You will work at the farm until we have a vacancy at the gym.

In the meantime, you will have to earn your membership.

Although we can increase our member count, but body cultivator isn’t built for non-combat contribution to the sect. Eight security guards that can only sits and eat donuts all days is enough for now.

Speaking of them, our brief rain is blocking them from absorbing Sun Essence, which is what everyone needed for damage and berk multiplier.

We have to use a modtool to get rid of this rain.

I hope this is it.

Yes! We did it!

Just in time for Metal Law Coffee to breakthrough!

Ohh… it’s a fire tribulation… which mean the rain would have helped… probably the worst season to do it too.

Offensive striker like you might not need this, but it won’t hurt to overkill.

The cloud may be weak, but it will be the first of many in this law.

He won’t have any problem until his Nascent Soul bottleneck. :dota101:

Two stabs to murder the cloud.

Everything is going well for him.

One more breakthrough until Nascent Soul.

Ah, now the magic weather beast for Sunny Day is here.

Time’s up for Boofo as he fades away to dust. Thank you for your services. I would have a longer eulogy, but no one pays attentions to Outer. I do if you post :ssh:

We hired someone average to fill the foundation vacancy of our pyramid hierarchy.

Speaking of mega-structure, we built another Wonders. This one grant all Divinity Cultivator another piece of land in their kingdom.

After extensive review of all potential buildings in the Earth Shit kingdom, it can be sorts into three categories of benefits.
1) Self buff on the cultivator and their holy treasure.
2) Blessing to increase output of shrine resides by the cultivator.
3) Cool new miracle spell/skill.

We are going for pyramid scheme preaching.

This random unaffiliated guest will be good practice.

Greetings, have you heard the good word of Earth Shit?

Wow! This guy is ripped! :hampants:

We have none. Not even the weather. :smithcloud:

However, after cheating building up sufficient amount of relation…

We can talk about you!

Since we know nothing about this person, the system estimate we will fail.

We have someone ask him about his preference and tried again.

Orange color prediction indicates he is most interested in this topic. Followed by Pink, Green, and White in descending interest.

We are not able to use Whereabouts as topic. Probably due to his lack of fixed destination and have no place in mind.

“People that farm salts are something awful, huh?”

He prefers to destroys soul. :flame:

Earth Shit God failed to convince him to renounce his worldly desire for good food and embraces shitty food.

He became wary when we talk about his personal possession.

:hmmno: There’s no salvation for this man. It will be too late to repent when the Diarrhea Demon claim his soul.

Uh oh. There’s no salvation for our sunny weather!

Let’s hack in a Sunny Day and hope it will fix it.

Nope. Loading a save or visiting other maps will reset it.

What if I add the same weather to overwrite it?

A wave of enemy got word of our infamous cursed pear soup weather fame and decided to not raid us.

"Legend says the Cult of Bèn was cursed by an eternal rain after they murdered a Fei."

Six seconds until overwrite weather expires…

The curse is strong enough to overcome our cheat godlike spell.

Fight poison with poison! A legend to counter another legend! We will kill this Lu Shu to gain permanent Sunny Day! :chef:

For our Sunny Day! :black101:

There seem to be an environmental change upon its death, but the cursed rain persists. Did we make it worst? :smithcloud: