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Part 139: Day 376-379: Sword Saint

Where did you get that giant butcher knife? :dota101:

Nothing useful except its core.

We will reload and try the exact same thing we did to the Fei.

First, Braze Dragon knock it out with his barefist.

Then feed it Lost Soul Pill to put it in coma for three days and three nights.

A day or two later, it starved to death because I forgot about it. :sweatdrop:

It’s doubtful whether we can fix our cursed weather at this point. I will hack in sunny day once in a while to balance out the curse.

At least the rain is good against the Fire Tribulation. Not that he needed it.

In fact, he will go in without full charge on his Qi. :rubshands:

His swords made about 7 strikes in 2 seconds.

Now you are ready to unlock more slots as a Nascent Soul with 200k Qi!

There’s a special sword recipe from the law that can only be crafted by the same law user. It’s up to Coffee to decides if he will invest 20 levels of Treasure Refinement to craft it.

He does have another two extra slots unlocked from the law.

Let’s round it up nicely with him equipping the unique sword that can supposedly summon rain, but I can't figure out how to use it. Stab a cloud with it? Coffee is good at that.


It’s not pleasant to have 6 treasures sucking you dry.

Which is great timing for this pill to shine… after Hats upgrade it.

In the meantime, Hats will show off his prowess to a pro.

A villain appears! The self-proclaimed Inferno Dark Lord! :drac:

“Sir, you are a righteous and good person! You are TERRIBLE at being EVIL!”

Well done, Coffee! Lure him back to our sect for tea! :madmax:

All Outer go to the safe area! To ANOTHER WALL!

They will be safe as long as the bad guy not showing up from the North.

Coffee is back! There’s still some time before the villain catches up!

Get your massive power up now!

Treasures at over half capacity.

We need one more, Hats!

LET’S GO! :sss:

This will do. Coffee will try soloing that Dark Lord when he shows up.

Learn a few more secret arts while you wait.

We do need to cut down on your Dao value.

It took a lot to get you here, and there’s plenty more you need to learn in the library.

Almost forgot about this. You only lost about 5k Max Qi for the great benefits.

Welcome. I like your style of bursting through our wall. :thumbsup:

Our Sword Saint have been waiting.

What kind of stick are you holding, Dark Lord?

Maces made of skulls. Spooky.

Hmm, I would call it cheat, but you ARE an ancient cultivation who probably sits for centuries to build up your Max Qi.

A Golden Core would have had long been sliced apart.

What ancient dark sorcery is this!?

Goddamn! Is this a Qi homing spell!?



All donut cops to battle station! :frogsiren:

This must be how it feels like when we start a fight in someone’s sect.

Run away, Evening Snow! You are out of Qi!

Lynneth went into berk mode to help Evening Snow get away.

Ohhhh! Ancient cultivators are loaded!

Alright Outers, back to work. I want that invader strip clean! His ancient skin freckle could be used for something!

Two unknown artifacts for identification, but first…

Dead Meat… :saddowns:


And the Charm Law tester. He got screwed by the demonic sati anyway.

Don’t worry, Dead Meat. You may have failed to spam breakthrough your way into Demi-God…

But you still have a chance.

Welcome back. Please wear our latest starter set clothes… :kiddo:

And start chopping wood. We need thousands to build our Wonders. :colbert:

Ohhh! The weather is fixed! :stoked: