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Part 14: Authority and Punishment: Timeout Room

In the interim of waiting for any brave and courageous soul in the Cult of Bèn to volunteer themselves for the peace and safety of the sect against a near-disabled old man, let’s establish some law and authority within the sect.

Sect Master Hats can swiftly resolve the issue himself, but understandably, there is no need to trouble him with small and insignificant thing. He can order someone else to deal with it with promise of favors or threats.

There are certainly many benefits to earning a favor from anyone of higher authorities. They might give you rare cultivation pill, teach you special skills, and whatnot.

It’s undoubtedly bad to disobey (or spit in their pear soup) and earn the ire of someone greater than you. After all, no one would take them seriously if these seniors can’t get their underling juniors to do what they said. They would lose face and authority among their peers.

To punish disobedience and poor manners, discipline ranging from starvation, corporal punishment, to expulsion is an accepted practice among all sects.

However, such methods might be considering inhumane and even extreme for many. Thus, to preserve the harmonious internal relations of the sect, we at the Cult of Bèn propose something more humane: Timeout Room.

Everyone in the thread are welcome to vote on the following room of punishment for the ill-disciplined and it’s up to the higher authority to determine their punishment duration.

A) No. Timeout/punishment are not necessary in the Cult of Bèn.

B) Prison Timeout Room: It’s better than a chair at a corner. A bed, and a pot of water that also serves as the toilet.

C) Maze of Penitent: Have a long walk to think about what you did.

D) Room of Fragrance: It’s fine after you fall asleep.

E) Room of Burning Love: The Cult of Bèn is a warm and loving place. Feel it.

F) Bed of Courage: Who did you pissed off? Truly courting death.

G) Cyflan’s Room: Free serving of Pear Soup.