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Part 141: Day 389-395: Rumor Mill

Good news. According to the rumor mill :words:, these failed medicine have a one-time(?) chance of increasing Max Qi.

Hats will make it a top grade failed medicine.

In the meantime, Coffee who doesn’t need to care about his Max Qi can test it out.

Just some silly miracle drugs for mortals.

Third one is plain bad.

Rumor mill :words: also said one of these can kill you.

Or coma for two and a half days.

After waiting until Coffee woke up, I reloaded the save since nothing gained upon his awakening.

Okay, so we have four stacks of failed medicine that do the following effects: Weight lost, weight gain, coma, and hemorrhoids.

Next on the rumor mill :words:, we know how to meet this dragon.

The Great Evil King! You will be the perfect person to bring this shit to that place! I will tell you what to do next when you are there!

Bring IceBlocks with you to help pick up the loot.

Send your spiritual sense into the Dragon Tablet!

A voice will ask if you have the resolves to reach the utmost height of loving a dragon? :love:

The Great Evil King, I know you think we are bringing the shit to insult the dragon and murder it.

Actually, you eat it as a power move to prove your love for dragon! :swoon:

At least you got the rare Foul Essence out of it.

Blame the rumor mill :words: if this doesn’t work.

The voice of the dragon praises him and grant him entry to its inheritance.

The Great Evil King got teleported to what I assume is the dragon’s treasure room toilet.

We are rich! These are the good shit! :woop:

Two actual treasure that would have been great if we knew about this place in the beginning. I guess we could have Hats upgrade it, assuming the stats can be improved.

Bag’s full. Where’s IceBlocks?

The tablet asks if he loves dragon. :smaug:

No shit? You can wait for a snake here to produce it.

Blame the rumor mill :words: for the truth.

Now we can make another Earth Qi room. There’s almost nothing stronger than its 90 Qi Gathering capability.

One of the treasure poop is a Feng Shui Disruption item that works in a fire element enviorment. Perfect for the mega small size poop room.

Since we are going all-in on earth element, it’s time we try to grow these magic tree that could explode according to the rumor mill :words:

Now to pick a nice spot with lots of Earth element.

This brighter patch of land is naturally high in Earth element.

This seed cost 3k with 2 favors. Please don’t wither.

On the other hand, the herbalist deserves to be paid that much for dealing with this Plant Science. :argh:

I am working on it, but everyone is sleeping. We need to automate some sort of coffee drinking system to minimize this gap of productivity. :coffee:

Speaking of working hard at night, Coffee is harvesting souls for his accessory.

Good evening, Mr. Bear.

This should count as a shotgun blast since it bring down the bear in less than 2 seconds. :blastu:

Yesss, it works on demon. We won’t be seeing Coffee for a while. He will also be cultivating for the next breakthrough buff.

Hardly a dent in the Qi reserve.

Let’s pretend this is how Coffee butcher the meat. :chef:

This will be the best we can do for now. Our lack of Spirit Soil can only be solved with money, or magic procure by money. :homebrew:

Evening Snow will have that spell someday.

Great. Now I remember why I didn’t bother to do this. :smithicide:

Unlike the plant, we have someone who can make good use of the Earth Fragrance to become a great tree!

Earth Shit God became lazy for having mood too high at a long interval.

Increase: Qi Defense +3 max level
Decrease: Cultivation speed, learning speed, mental state, Treasure -2, and Spell -2.

Thankfully, we are simply waiting for him to ascend. Another under-qualified immortal to our ancestor. :wave:

Next on the list from rumor mill :words: is to send Bear law user (now translated as Chariot law) to get it.

I prefer Great Bear Piercing Heart Law better, but both interpretations had greatly sidetracked from the source anyhow. All for the sake of having a cooler name than Big Dipper. About 10 pages worth of discussion among 10+ intellectual

TravelLog needed a LOT more Max Qi than expected, so I have to reload to feed him some bad drug to make it. :skeltal:

One of his charm slot will permanently be dedicated to a mental state boost charm. Then again, so does everyone. :350: