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Part 143: Day 398-400: Specialization

It’s been an easy ride so far with the perfect grade zero core.

The Charm Law is very versatile in growth for any sort of specialization. Charms from these secret arts can turn you into a master of treasure, Qi defense, Spell, or other utilities.

Golden Core is an excellent time to decides the path that you wish to walk in the future.

The strength of the buff at this realm will be significant enough to be desired by many cultivators.

From here on, TravelLog will walk the path of treasure by writing this knowledge into the core of his soul. :madmax:

Even with 100k Qi, TravelLog can only afford to use the third level buff to finish the complex painting.

Base stat alone are providing massive bonus to ensure you can compete with other specialized cultivator in whatever they are good at.

This breakthrough here is enough to catch up to Coffee’s 20% without any other boost.

There's enough core painting opportunity to catch up to Coffee in raw stats, but it would be unfair to expect TravelLog to become equal to the monstrous swordmaster who is fully spec for murdering things. :blastu:

Don’t doubt yourself, TravelLog. You will become powerful treasure user in your own way. Assuming if you will keep making that charm.

Now the hard part will be unlocking these. Coffee get two unlocks for free with his Law’s specialization.

But you got this. A stack of customization effects on ANY items using your soul strands.

Now we will start drilling all sort of Nascent Soul realm arts into your lizard brain.

As for other specialization, it’s time we get ourselves a real spellcaster. :science:

I guess Snake are born with high Qi attunement… the force is certainly strong in this Outer.

“Hmm… this youngling seems to have talent for fire."

"I can see his rise to greatness like a phoenix with that slight affinity to fire law.

“Agree. This one should have no problem becoming a Daoist. We will have him learn the Fire Law tomorrow."

"I’m sure he would be trilled.”

“Inform Ancestor Blaze Dragon to fix his hideous face tomorrow.”

“Cardio! Come over here!”

“You are a Male… right? Yes? Phew.”

“Impossible! How are you still so ugly!? I burned 60 years for this face!?”

“Don't lose hope, youngster. You can handle the rest with our Secret Art of Most Fragrance.”

“Right here, Junior Cardio. Your treasure will be this fire ingot. It has so much Qi that it’s practically on fire.”

Translation: “This person has a strange fragrance, UGH!”

Replacement laborers arrived.

Welcome Nea, we really need pear picked now.

Your timely arrival is truly a blessing! We look forward to your long term employment of 392 days.

Next, we have Strix…

You head is stuffed with so many thoughts that conflict and destructive to every possible builds. It's a royal mess of incompatibilities.

Please enjoy your 38 days in our sect.

His talent is shining like a blazing flame! It won’t be long before he is ready to become a Golden Core!

Jossar, our Fire Law alchemy skill dumper is the master of Cardio.

He is a better mentor than expected.

Our ancestor agrees with our decision to have him learn the Fire Law as a joke. :mmmsmug:

More good news from our magic plant?

Can’t you make poop instead? :sigh:

Uh oh. It’s getting ‘spiritually’ angry over winter, whatever that means, it probably will explode in the end.

Feeding it fire-element item grant three-stars bonus. We will see if it can digest any better.

Our third Wonders is built. This will give our Divinity Cultivator another piece of land. I wanted the one that give us two indestructible worker puppet to pick pear, but we are wealthy enough to give up such efficiency.

We will be fine this winter.

Earth Shit God demolished the useless Convert 'skill' building and erected something more useful.

Unique and powerful miracles only Divine Cultivator can cast!

We will get rid of your laziness.


And shit out the negative. :haibrow:

Join the pile of bargain bin crystal I brought from other sect for cheap. Are they garbage too?