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Part 144: Day 400-402: Next Gen Spec

Zengetsu was a fallen noble who became a wondering Daoist.

It took a long time for him to earn his rights to become a true Daoist.

Lots of hard work was put into supporting the sect and hopefully paves the way for his future.

Yet, the elders of the sect find his fellow brother who joined slightly after him is being chosen for his innate talent with fire!

“Why was he chosen and not me?” Zengetsu thoughts to himself. Was he not qualify as a Daoist? He was practicing their art illegally before Cardio even joined!

What so great about him!? :arghfist:

Pessimistic about his poor outlook, he decided to go for the technical school.

“You wish to join the gym? Who do you think you are?”

“The way of LIFT is too much for you. Go back to your crafting station.”

“Please! I would do anything!”

“Anything? Do you even know what we did on a daily basis to earn our ass on these prestigious seats here on the super deluxe yoga mat?”

“You may have heard of it. We once ate a handful of shit in front of a mighty dragon as a power move!”

“Then we proceed to beat the intimidated shit out of it and bring home 11 Dragon poop! Two of which are treasures!”

“So it’s true! Then I will prove my resolves!”

“What are y-“

“Holy shit! What a power move!”

“Fine. You shall graduate… once we find the Body Law for human.”

“That sect master of Demon Temple has been holding out on the Barbarous law on us.”

“I am pretty sure he did give us a personal unique gift, but it wasn’t the law… did we throw it away?

“Or his mind was bugged out?”

“Maybe we are supposed to talk to him in person… as in, privately?”

“Let’s go to their sect and ask their disciple for their master.”

“Hey! Why not steal their body law and see how far I can run before they caught me?”

“Are you a kidding me!? What do you think would happen if you get caught?”

“I won’t die FOR SURE!”

“Did you just went incognito in front of their face!? I am out!”

“Silent like a tiger, pounce like a tiger!”

The Great Evil King have decent speed and terrible hiding capability, but he just run pass everyone and ACTUALLY succeed. :psyduck:

“Hey! Look! Inside the scroll is another body law from cheat!” :airquote:

Now that I think about it, we actually stole all four laws from them in various ways. Cliff notes, soul read, scroll stolen, and cheat part of the stolen scroll.

Don’t worry. We got the law to beat that shit out of you. In a good way.

The Outers would have to construct your new dwelling first, and there’s another open gym membership for the sake of symmetry. We will decide the final member after the construction is completed.

Our target isn’t a combatant.

GridLocked’s luck should garner his attention. Bring a set of dice with you just in case.

Aha! You do need to bring the dice! :rolldice:

Seem like a great deal. :waycool:

Out total is 1+4=5. The gambler hands have two of the leftover numbers 2, 3, and 5.

His possible hand total would be:

Our answer for the difference between our totals will be 0, 2, or 3… let’s go with zero.

It’s 1/3 chances. :luckyducky:

New hand total is 6, but this is much better because our potential different is either zero, two, or another two.

Awesome! We don’t need this! But we will go for one more!

Next one is another 1/3 chance, but we got it right and won another trash tier elixir.

So trash that the overbid price in auction is less than 500.

Regardless, GridLocked can easily get 200 years with a pill, so we win big on this exchange.

Now it’s Coffee’s turn to rob-

Coffee will be nice to that cultivator this time and rob the tomb instead.

It’s truly has been three years. How are we still alive?

Let’s go! The rest will teleport in!

This tomb is as good as ours!

Spooky room with giant statue. Maybe we should make one too. They are pretty cool.

Unfortunately, nothing of interest. We will need flyer to investigates this place from the outside.

As we hazardously send our Daoist into an infamous tomb known to turn you into ashes, it’s time to promote some replacements.

Barbarous Forging Body law is actually created by human through re-purposing its focus into bones instead of exotic body parts. You can’t get any harder than this. :skeltal:

This is your new yoga place for Outer-gym members. You will have to earn the prestigious yoga seat through hard work, and sleeping next to giant statue because they are cool. I suppose you can also inherit a seat if someone die, but that’s impossible for body cultivator.

Congratulation, Dead Meat! After much contemplation, we decided you will the final gym member as a joke!

As a chicken who always looks up to the sun and cries angrily at it in the morning, we felt appropriate for you to learn the Fallen Obliteration Body law! Practitioner are known for worshiping Eternal Night! I am sure it will be an endarkening experience for you. :thumbsup:

You should have no problem mutating these parts that requires sun essence. :fyadride:

To no one's surprise, TravelLog is the first to arrives at the tomb. Time to investigate.

Oh come on, TravelLog only got 7.9 Luck!

We already learned Karuna… three years ago. The swords is just a regular grade 8 treasure. Nothing of use besides some crystals.

Welp, party’s over. Everyone waited three years for this?