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Part 145: Day 403-411: Golden Age: Wealth

Muscle Chicken Dead Meat is doing quite well. He managed to get the best sun essence on his FORTH breath in its 1/1000 base chance! He failed to get anything out of it

You will need it. :gbsmith:

Outdoor farming is done for the season. Back to indoor sweating. :whip:

This boost is so good that I have to expand the sweatshop to make more money. :20bux:

Since we can’t recruit anymore students, we will have to make some golem to help with the hauling.

Each puppet cost 100-150 materials to make and will keep working until abrasion broke it.

Thankfully, we can now afford it, and craft it straight from cash, which cost 300 blocks of it! :homebrew:

One of our shrine will build this Wonders on the top to get us two eternal puppets for free 30 puppets worth of materials. :shepspends:

Cardio is ready for Grade Zero, but he missed the best season, and now have to wait for half a year to maximize his Qi potential.

He can join the puppet project in the meantime.

Blue Collar #1 ready. Let’s hope 260 HP is worth the cost.

Wake up. Wake up.

*Awakening in Jojo poses*

We shall name you after your material.

Good news! We got the alchemy law!

Sounds like a p2w law through elixir. It has more layers of sub-stages than a pyramid. :eyepop:

Finally got another Max Qi up art! :cheersbird:

This Law is definitely worth learning for its recipe and unique treasures.

All four permanent attribute buff in case you missed any.

Nea may not be good at combat, but she is the best candidate with an extra +8 to alchemy! We will promote you after power leveling your medicine skill first.

Grind all the cold crystal into powders. Body Cultivator can eat it for water element, or we can make laxative out of it.

This will give you a big boost to your learning speed.

See you in half a month. We will get you all the herbs you need.

The sad news is, we don’t have enough herbs to get you going perpetually.

However, Hats will peel everything off the herbal mountain for you to make enough medicines to lasts for several generations! :dota101:

Our Ancestors agrees this is a great plan and helps alleviates some of the deforestation.

Too bad Money Man can’t use axe to chop wood.

Money Male is also wasting time sweeping the floor.

The energy spent to maintain 0.4 points environment bonus is not worth it except for Feng Shui element.

In comparison, a single lotus here is almost 9 points.

I should had strips these floor off years ago, but it’s never too late to do it now. :cripes:

The unusually large icon agrees with me.

Each tile removal took a lot longer than I liked.

This is a designer trap. :cripes:

Rise, Travel Man. You will fix our poor decision.

You too, Cardio Male.

Hats is enjoying the cozy life of golem brining him tea.

He has enough chill time to master the unique One Sword secret arts of Sunflower Law.

There’s no hope for him to become a competent fighter, but this unique treasure will be useful for anyone. It’s a sword that absorb Eternal Night quintessence(?) to cause massive damage on the first strike.

The ultra-rare primary ingredient just happens to be laying around in our storage. Probably from victim of our robbery.

Oh. It needs the non-powdered form. It will be on sale eventually.

Half a month later, our Wonders with two free puppets is built!

Welcome, Wonder Man and Wonder Male! Your immunity to abrasion will be vital to our economy. Too bad you will still get harmed from attacks.

Not even duststorm can sands you down on full force!

No one else needed this weather for breakthrough, but Blaze Dragon just happened to have a Fire cloud to tank.

Oops, I got it wrong. He should do it during rain. At least we know what a full powered cloud looks like.

Not that it matters to him at this point.

Next is Evil Kit and his fistful of fire.

This is before his berk mode. :suspense: He is the prime candidate for soloing some sect in the future.

Don’t bother with TP. :getin:

We will be done in less than 50 seconds.

Now that’s one punch.

He could go for another one or two while the berk mode is on, but there’s no need to waste precious countdown time.

Nea can still go higher, but she can build the rest as an Inner.

Blaze Dragon perma-buffed her Sense and Com to make her super compatible with the law.

She will need it.

Our sect is in a golden age of wealth and power. Now to mix drug and potion into our glory! :cocaine:

In fact, we are so rich that even our Outer is wearing Grade 9 equipment. All thanks to various patrons of our robbery.

Need a treasure, Nea? Pick one. All of them have at least 100k Qi pre-charged.

May I suggest this extremely powerful Dragon Poop that will go well with your fire law?

Or this Wood Element Holy Sh-tilt?

Or perhaps the best Garbage ever made by mankind?