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Part 146: Day 412-414: Soul Stranded Gods

Nea admires the Soul Manure and knew they are meant to be together.

Someday she will also attach her soul strings/strands into the treasure like Blaze Dragon.

Before all that, he needs to dump his strands on other things to unlock stronger effects for his treasure. He will contribute to the sect by enchanting these small buff on the element protection charm.

On the other spectrum of mechanic, Nea is ready for her alchemy breakthrough.

As stated in the law description, the first breakthrough will use this pill that cost 25 spirit herb and 9 spirit stone to make.

Half a day later, she’s ready for the next one with a new pill.

Being talented is truly time saving. :f5:

Bad gain all around. Hopefully she will get some elite stat later.

A full day passed to get her ready for another breakthrough with common pill.

The season penalty is starting to get in the way, but we do have charm to max out the Misc Bonus.

Evening Snow is now an adult, but its stat is not fully growth to unlock most of its spell.

The treasure boost spell will be useful in due time, but we will be using the spell on top. A spell to sacrifice its stat to turn a patch of land into Spirit Soil.

WHAT!? It can’t sacrifice until it hits 100 on Spiritual Intellect? It also cost half of its whole stats and 50 point of growth!? What a terrible deal!

Come back Flower Bun, it’s your turn to grow into an adult. We will make do with your magic pee instead.

Nea is ready again. Same tier of medicine as before, but we will have to synthesize this one since no one care about healing scar.

Isn’t that right, Arcanuse? It’s a truly a tragedy that your butt scar was gone. :qqsay:

Ohh, it’s for Golden Core! She will have to wait for summer with Cardio.

TravelLog have been secluded for quite a while too.

However, now is not the time to become lazy. It doesn’t seem like you would be able to get another charm boost before facing the hexa-blast clouds. :smithcloud:

Earth Shit God would be able to cure that, but he’s halfway into one of those mental breakthrough.

So you will travel into another world and try your luck (with my IRL calendar) to grind your non-element EXP from there while we wait for Volticsurge to done surging himself. :sss:

There should be plenty of time before our god max out his divinity and auto ascend, and he probably can pay to win with raw faith to tank the final cloud. :yaycloud:

The greater concern is after he ascend. We would lack divinity cultivator to cure more obsession, and only they can do it.

I wanted more time to figure out how this god thing works, but it seems you will have to make do with our severe lacks of prep for you. Frog God.

Coincidently, today feels like a NICE day to do so.

Swallows those gallbladders. Eat as much as you need. We have plenty. :munch:

It’s okay. You will heal up in no time after becoming Inner. It didn’t

You will learn this second Divinity law we found in the storage somewhere.

Earth Shit God’s law focuses on Treasure Control, which we have enough of those already. Time to become Wizard Buddha. :science:

Pardon the interruption. There’s an urgent matter I must attend to. It should only take three seconds.

Ancestor Slaan need to squish a pesky fly.

Done. :golfclap:

Congrats, Frog God. We might not know how to properly raise you into godhood, but serious investment will be made to get you as good as you can be.

No promise on optimization... or gender equality? :magemage: My head is still dizzy reading the guide for the third time, so we will throw money at you to make it work. Wait, no. You’re supposed to live in destitute!

Let’s focus on making your holy relic. At least this one can be luxurious. :sparkles:

You shall wield a powerful item came directly from a dragon! Hats will maximize its grade before handing it to you. You will love it!

In the meantime, go collects some faith and get yourself a thousand followers from our local fish cult.

Edit: Item grade doesn’t matter, so you can have it when you are back.

Oh, right. You can wear these mental state boost luxurious-clothing from the super dragon. Slaan don’t need it. Gender Inequality Problem solved, with money. :thumbsup:

It works wonder for our Male God, so there won’t be any problem. Probably.

But wait! Shei-Kun suddenly returns and wants to become “a deity of bandit ass kickery!”

Very well. I was hoping you would start over so we don’t need to wait for you camping in the water cave for another year or two.

Only we know how to do this OP ‘redo’ thing. :ssh:

But before that, you may as well spend a soul strand on your chosen relic to see if it does anything.

As requested, your Holy Relic will be this expiring Autumn Pear Soup.

Become one with The Soup!

You are only capable to granting it Flight, or a little Qi Shield boost. We will make this soup fly. :c2b:

Never had any cultivator in the world of cultivation spends so much time and effort into a bowl of expiring soup. :hai:

This is now Shei-Kun’s Autumn Pear Soup. It contains a strand of her soul in it. Let’s hurry before this thing melts from expiration.

Swapping out a core.

Reborn anew as mortal!

Still missing an arm as your original self.

We will make it easy for you by giving you only one task.

Ahh, the good old rng stat of a flower girl who turns bandit rider. Although all those awful arthritis you went through from Wood law are wasted, you at the very least won’t be experience that for a good long time. Probably

Now to fly on this bowl of soup as an Outer to get those magic cloths from sister Slaan.

Please wait while ladies changing in progress…

Frog God is doing well with getting 1206 faith and 9 followers. :catholic:

Looking great! Pretty like a fairy! You got photobomb by Flower Bun too! :shibe:

We… uh…

Ran into a dupe bug miracle. :worship: