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Part 147: Day 415-419: Dried Frog

It didn’t take long for Shei-Kun to become god. There’s no requirement at all.

Now let’s turn this into a relic before you accidentally ate it like you did in another timeline. There’s also one where you make a third.

From here on, you shall be known as…

Silver Ice God, or Soup God. :waycool:

As the God of Soup, you will take over the lotus house belongs to the mysterious stranger.

Easy state of mind breakthrough with happy clothes. She just need to maintain 100 for three days.

Frog god is back too, and she will be turning the Dragon Dropping into her Holy Relic.

That’s understandable for a frog. :frogon:

Can you last for another two or three minutes? :sweatdrop:

I look away for half a minute and you are halfway dead. :cripes:

"Frog have good healing rate" they say, "they recovery back on their feet in no time" they say.

Frog sucks. :smithfrog:

10 seconds later, before anyone can rescue her, this frog is all dried up. Truly the most Bèn way to fail your ascension into godhood.

The room is freezing by the way. :shudder:

Alright. Anyone else wants to be god? Someone who can stay alive from half a day of dehydration?

Sigh. I will give you one chance.

I look away for 5 minutes to deal with other Inners and found you extra dead. :ironicat:

We have full personnel on rescue duty and five Outer doctor ready to save lives - Except you. Feeding you one pill is too much of a hassle or something.

No one, not even the puppets are willing to move your dehydrated body. Maybe you are stuck in the treasure machine?

Any Outer human here want the god seat? Frog and Turtle are banned.

I was going to introduce a new inner circle of private club for god and diplomat. The name of the club is Bèn God.

It is a reputable club for celebrities to gathers more followers with greater efficiency. :catholic:

Located directly at the sect’s entrance as the reception area, our members can greet guest or kick them over the wall.

The goal of the club is to provide salvation and resource collection for the sect.

Going pass the reception area is our infamous Cyflan Trial Gate known for its harsh survival rate and main production of salt.

We recommend our guest to never fall asleep in there. :tootzzz:

Punch Cat, Herp will be the manager of the branch. Body Cultivator are great candidate since they stays home all the time. Everyone suffers a debuff if the manager went outside. Not sure about teleport.

Shei-kun will be the only god we care. Herp might be able to handle one more member before he gets a huge debuff from stress.

She now has a recurring buff to help her with all external affair.

As the for the cultivation branch, Blaze Dragon is managing the Bèn study group for TravelLog. He can only manage one member before losing his shit.

Uh oh! Our sect master can’t handle so many clubs! Fortunately, he’s a skill dump.

Since he can’t leave the sect anymore without causing penalty, it’s time for Hats to retires into a node in a formation.

He will still handle all shady stuff to support our sect.

Such as sending our muscle to sways our mortal enemy to become best friend again. By discreetly murder at least 6 of their sect master and sugaring up with bribes.

It can’t be helped since they are the only one who sold Dao reduction crystal for Metal element. Coffee could use two or three of these in the future.

Another demon bite the dust. It’s time for new recruit.

Not you. We don’t accept those diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease.

Hmm? Only two slots? That’s a whole lot less than I wanted expected. Maybe some unforeseeable culling would help? :magemage:

Rumor mill states body cultivator can get bad Feng Shui essence from cursed place, so we will get some volunteer to sleep in Cyflan’s Trial Gate.

I expect good result.

TravelLog will not made it to his next drawing, and he might need these 5 days to decides how to skill up for the cloud.

He already maxes his inferior treasure skill and started with 6 Qi Defense. Maybe that will be enough? Let’s begin.

No holding back against tribulation. :sushiyes:

These number looks big, but is it big enough against…

Uhh… 50k for the first cloud? You do have 7.9 Luck.

Four treasure stabs to murder each cloud.

I don’t recall beast tribulation being this easy!

Yer a lizard, TravelLog.

Let’s go for hard mode.

I forgot you do have a shit ton of Qi.

That was close. You survived through your massive 1k Qi recharge rate. :prepop:

Alright, back to whatever you are doing.