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Part 148: Day 420-445: Treasure Mechanic Supplement

Bad news on our Formation.

Two person is not enough to maintain our extremely basic Formation. We will have to wait for more graduates to start one.

TravelLog would be the fastest after Epochol.

But I think the main gimmick of Charm Law is to redo your core over and over to grind these strand to make a powerful item that could rival relic?

That sounds like a pain, but tell me if you want to redo or change your build. Otherwise, you will retire into home defense Formation node duty or ascend as immortal.

Oh right! We have skill dump Jossar! He is busy making Spirit Crystal, but we should have enough until Nea take over as the best alchemist.

Let’s hope this Formation can empowers the treasure combat mechanic.

Come join the FiveBèn! Only three opening left!

Earth (Blaze Dragon) gives Fire (Jossar) 1.25 bonus, and Earth (Blaze Dragon) to Earth (Hats) gives 1.2 bonus.

The unique -1 size modified might have helped with using three people on a five nodes Formation. Both Jossar and Hats can’t handle as the eye with their Nascent Soul realm.

Let’s call them BJ Hats. Our sect master gets his full name of course.


You have to stand the whole times? That sucks to be the ‘eye’ of the Formation.

The Formation will slowly accumulate points that can be used to empower the eye’s treasure or spell. Both of which Blaze Dragon lacks. The other two button are ‘change eye location’ and cancel Formation.

This is bad. I didn’t expect the clock to go down in a Formation. We will have to see if it’s worth it during a tribulation.

Let’s try it now!

It didn’t work when I try to summon it. Guess we will have to wait for the countdown.

Our new Wonders is built not long after our Formation test. It will increase Formation Stability by 20%!

A new era? Or a mistranslation?

Maybe it helped the local stability?

Someone is not happy about the last update.

These Nascent Soul sure look capable of staying dehydrated for half a day.

Also capable enough to survives half a second against Body Cultivators.

Breaking news from our random robbery team! :bignews:

As our usual robbery procedure, we inquire if they know anything about the motive behind Taiyi’s destruction.

She knows about it.

Oh good, I was hoping you would do this the hard way.

Answer me with your soul! :argh:

I assume we will tickle this soul until she tells us everything. :bravo2:

“We are murderers who took a sudden interest in some ancient text.”

We got a ‘evidence’ of them being suspicious. An intel about a sect known for murders has suddenly became unanimously studious over some ancient text four years ago. This is quite a… discriminatory suspicion? :raise:

One more and we should be able to falsely accuse someone! :thunkgun:

We need to prepares for war, and this ingredient is finally on sale!

The mythical weapon of the Sunflower Law shall be born.

The One Sword accessory.

Ignore the Qi sucking rate of the item. Seems like you can hold 12 essence of eternal night, and each charge will multiply the damage of a treasure’s first strike.

Since it’s designed for the One Treasure gimmick of Sunflower Law, we will save this for the next user of the law.

As shown by Blaze Dragon, having less treasure is better against tribulation. Unless you are going all out with Seven Slaughter Swords on top of a powerful Formation. Probably.

Actually, gymnast Dead Meat who focus on gathering Eternal Essence can help filling it up.

Let’s hope we get another eternal night within next month.

I am a little worry for his slow progress.

On the other hand, Shei-kun is making great progress with gathering followers. :sparkles:

The fortune chasing event returns! Hats obtained two Chaos Ring treasure last time, and both are max relic grade!

Since Hats can’t leave the sect anymore, Coffee will have to do the chasing. He sees a chest with Bagua symbol, an elixir with strong scent, and a few manuscripts with malicious aura.

Coffee already using Seven Slaughter Law, so it won’t hurt to complement with these ancient dark arts he managed to snatch.

HOLY SHIT, 21 Dao points for recipes of three ancient artifacts! :eyepop:

Another 5 more for even more Dao points!

These are game changer for treasure user! Most of them essentially adds a powerful effects during treasure combat! There's one that save you from death too! :orks101: