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Part 15: Day 15: First Contact

Sect Master was in a really bad mood after failing to refine the shit. No one dares to interrupts his sleep after he gave Blaze Dragon the slashy-slashy look.

Moreover, this man is merely a mortal troublemaker who is evidently too senile to realize what he is up against.

An hour passed by… the old man is still hiding out there, thinking no one have spotted him this whole time.

Arcanuse, the master of multiplayer games stood up to declares that it is time to teach that senile, weak, and semi-disable old man a lesson. Four-on-one.

Everyone pretended to not heard the dishonorable thing that Arcanuse has said, so Slaan have to redeem her husband’s honor. It’s time for this big sister to F that old man up!

Bow to bow, for fairness! Clearly, Arcanuse has taught her the etiquette of FPS.

DIE! You goddamn camper!

Slaan fires the first shot right in front of the old man.

Surprisingly, the old man swiftly dashes out of the camp spot to dodge the arrow.

However, he did not expect that to be a ricochet shot up his behind!

The old man tries to fights back while enduring the staggering pain in his nether region, which caused him to draws the arrow backwards!

After fumbling a bit with his terribly aged eyesight, the old man managed to fires the arrow while Slaan etiquettely waits for hers turn.

Slaan feels bad for him, so she pretends to be hit by it.

For all three arrows.

This would have been anticlimactic if we didn’t see it coming from miles away.

Slaan is a kind woman, so she stops at four arrows.

Her brave and selfless acts inspires everyone to train harder, so they too can protect their loves one. Arcanuse is more driven than others, and practices his strike in sync with Master Snake.

Everyone agrees it’s time to get rid of the orrery fence. We all know this nice snake is hell-bent on cracking our bad luck than to harm anyone.

Oh dear, those spirit woods from the fence is not going well with the orrery. We will pick it up as soon as bedtime is over.

Actually, we should use these mostly-blessed spirit wood to build our Ancestral Memorial Table!

All disciples will come to pay their respect to our ancestor at this holy site.

However, we run into an issue with symmetry, and that would be very disrespectful to our ancestor!

Let’s put two pedestals here for now. We can put some treasure here in the future.

Our orrery returns to harmony with the absent of spirit woods.

Everyone praises the ancestor for being wise and dead. Hats’ mental state have become stable after thinking about him becoming the glorious ancestor someday.

Speaking of honoring the dead, we all pray for a good harvest this year.

Along with good progress for our cultivation. Hats can feel his mind and body have returned to unity. Blaze Dragon is safe.

Amazing! Our ancestor is going all out to help us!

Good. One more great and powerful being to solves our food problem.

Heaven judge him to be handsome(?) enough to be half compatible for Sunflower Manual.

Radio Free Kobold can’t hold back his excitement during meal, and decided to cultivate right here, right now! Kidz gets front-row seats to the show.

She wishes Arcanuse is here to watch this together.

But Arcanuse already ran out of the dining room after he sensed a need to repair this orrery asap. Could it be a sign from the ancestor?

Radio Free Kobold succeed.

... and need to get the hell out while we prepares his new room.

He recalls that time where he wanted to woo that nice old lady at Five Lotus Mountain.

He don’t know what the sect master of Rosy Cloud Grotto likes. What does old ladies likes?

This is an official greeting between sect. An imperative occasion of first contact with a gift bearing our intentions.

Radio Free Kobold had put some nice or excess things he can think of on the trading zone, but is there something else he can bring as a gift?