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Part 150: Day 451-454: Disastrous Design

Ohh! The shitty plant finally poops out something decent!

Standard pill to grant you essence. Much better than those that promote food conversion rate.

Now eat another high grade fire or earth book we stole from someone.

Now that we see actual rewards from these magic plant, we will plant the rest of other elements here in the same shape as the element cycle.

Unfortunately, the help section has nothing about how to grow these trees, but we are finally rich enough to learn it the hard way.

By which I mean pay for express service! We will be very busy for this summer, so we will hire next day shipping and building service to save ourselves the Feng Shui logistic nightmare with these awful magic plants.

Look at this... uh, perplexity. I would have asked for refund if I didn’t design it myself. It took two whole hours. Let me explains why it turn out like this.

Starting from this shit house with a plant that requires the temperature to be over 30C.

Thermal logistically speaking, we will hook the room with the Fire Plant that requires over 200C.

Thus we got one big boiling hot fecal permeation sauna room. It looks nice at this point.

:ironicat: Then we have this asshole Wood plant that requires the room temp to be 15-25C, which mean it would be a terrible idea to share room temperature with the others.

Naturally, this broke the nice Dragon Cave Water House combo I have in mind and forced to attach this -120 C MINIMUN room to…

This simple metal room that I creatively gave up. The plant just need to be lower than -20C.

At least the floor looks good and four of these plants will be stacked with extreme hot/cold item to never requires further attention in any season.

:ironicat: YOU, however, you little pampered shit! You will be a pain to check every bi-season to keep you in 15-25C. You think you are a human? An Inner? Too bad, lil’ bud’! Depends on how much of a pain you are, I might either uproot you or raise you into an angry plant!

This whole section of the sect WILL satisfy our grand pyramid structural design for :420: Premium Herb Garden :420: at the very top of the Inner quarter. We will bury our dead Inner here as our ancestor dictated. No grave, of course.

This is more annoying than the hungry notification from turtle.

Good timing on your death, ThatBasqueGuy! We need a corpse to test if you can boost the growth of magic plant!

Why does his corpse taking so long to fertilize? I won’t remember to check the improvement!

Either way, we need three more of these to make Spirit Soils for each of them. It will take a while since each cost 5 favor.

Let's try them out before I buy more.

Shitty plant will get first dib of this mystical seed.

It takes three years to gradually turn into Spirit Soil!? We would’ve been done with the mortal world by then! :sassargh:

Look! I am distracted for 30 seconds by our basement anti-emo accountant!

This advance law is not recommended for beginner for a new game due to extended absent of your Inner. The balancing factor is the full access to all charm-recruit spells to get foreign cultivator instead. If you know what you are doing, you might get a mid-late game golden core Inner without raising one.

I hope this won’t take three years.

Our First Gen ancestor Mcclay has returned after 100 chapters a year or three of grinding in the basement of some earth cultivation spot.

This is just stage one of two for her Nascent Soul breakthrough, but her core grade is good enough for her to reach Demi-God in due time. Probably in three years.

Shei-kun have much better fortune at her cultivation progress.

No doubt it is all due to her excellent choice of Pear Soup Relic.

She agrees. Her theoretical enlightenment in the Path of thursty will bring salvation to the world! :worship:

It’s easy to say no when you have 100 in speech. :pipe:

It’s time to test our Formation against tribulation.

Jossar and Hats will share their decent amount of Qi with Blaze Dragon.

The formation itself can also generates some Qi and distributes it to everyone.

Both Hats and Jossar have half their Qi, and they are exposed (red) as the ‘Eye’ of the formation, which mean they will take more damage until we hide them with the Change Formation skill.

The third skill should hide our Eyes. The lotus on the bottom should mean the amount of charged ‘formation point’ to activate these skills.

We will select one to temporary move him to become the central pivot.

Now Jossar is the pivot… would the cloud strike Jossar?

He is bringing his treasure, so does that mean he is going to tank for Blaze Dragon?

The swap reverted after 30 seconds, but our Eyes remain hidden.

:psyboom: From what my brain can gather within the 0.3 seconds of what resulted in this disaster, the tribulation cloud strike once on Blaze Dragon, and chain strike to Jossar and Hats. Blaze Dragon died while Jossar and Hats in coma.

Okay, so they all suffered enormous damage from the Formation being destroyed/destabilized.

Our ancestors are pissed at this awful BS with three Formation master at lv 20 dying in 0.3 seconds.

Back in proper timeline, Blaze Dragon display his talent of not needing anything to help him breakthrough! :ssj:

He will start with half his Qi to prove a point!

:hmmno: He proved 80% of that point in the overconfident timeline that is not canon.