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Part 152: Day 456-456: The Fall Ends

Fun Fact: Boss monster in the game have their unique health system.

Like Spirit Animal, each of their body parts are consist of dense Qi as their health.

In the game’s programming, boss monster’s health shares the same code as Building’s Health. Or rather, half the code for buildings are related to dragon. You are literally punching walls that represents their legendary scales.

Jiao Long, also known as Scaled Dragon or Flood Dragon, can summon Rain Storm at will to accompanies it anywhere it wishes.

It’s time to show the dragon the might of the body cultivator! You too, Slaan! Your skull is regenerated enough to move! Also condolence to the death of your lover, Iceblock, and the great injury of his shit-eating brother – The Great Evil King.

Although you can simply attack the dragon instead of its part, breaking them will provide rewards and perhaps weakens it as a whole.

As such, our body cultivator will split in two teams to break each of its claws!

Not only can the dragon cast water blast that is strong enough to break wall and turn the ground into pond, the purple horn on the right is the dragon’s treasure the size of Flower Bun.

Everyone is on berk mode. Hopefully the dragon will go down before their rage expired.

Coffee and other Daoist will focus on pushing its horn away.

Aha! They managed chop its claw off with some meat to spare!

Next is its tails! We will harvest every bit of you for conning us!

The face of fear and regret.

Coffee’s sword is making hundreds of stabs at the tails in an instant. It seems treasure combat is pretty good against boss monster due to their size and slow speed.

Goddamn it! I spent tons of money and time to build this five element magic plant garden! Does this terrible design ever cease to taunt me!?

Ha! Not so brave now, are you?

Break more parts for the repair fee!

Uh oh… berk mode timed out.

Our body cultivator suffers temporary weakness after they ran out of berk.

But we should be able to finish it off with our remaining strength!

I am a little concern of this Power of Spiritual Water that it’s accumulating. Reaching 100 will ‘flood the nation’?

Not now! We might not have a nation if we don’t finish it quick!

It’s very pissed and glaring at Coffee! How dare this human claims to chop it in half!

Oh man, we are beating the shit out of this dragon.

Oh shit! It took a deep breath to drains everyone’s water from their body!

Our body cultivator will be thursty!

A powerful blast upon our malnourished gymnast!

Our only weakness! That cunning dragon! How shameless!

Curses! Our prestigious diner/library/snake pit is flooded. How can we eat in this lowly condition!?

It tries to summon wild beast to its aid! Too bad they are trap in ANOTHER WALL!

Naturally, it is powerful enough to instant gibs a Daoist once they ran out of juice. If only Coffee was in his perfect condition!

If only you aren’t busy digging corpse to loot their shit! We could all defeat it without casualty!


It’s casting the Flood Nation!

This is bad! This circulating geyser is gradually expanding in wave to destroy everything!

Our ground is becoming shallow water!

Our premium yoga mat!

Oh, it stopped. Phew.

The nation can be rebuild anew with Travel Man!

Dazed in disbelief at the destruction of the sect and not-seeing the dragon getting owned behind the scene, Shei-kun felt guilty for the what she had done. She should had fed the dragon normal food instead.

Cardio is one of our most talented student awaiting for his summer Golden Core breakthrough, upon realizing what is happening to the sect, he did not despair like Shei-kun, but become determined to survive at all cost!

As soon as he begins his core forming, he forcefully ends immediately!

That’s quite a lot for Grade 9!

Hiding within the Maze of Penitence, he hurriedly studies the dark art of body capture with his great intellect and comprehension.

Knowing the near dead dragon would not spare anyone in the sect from a mournful death, Cardio decided to revert back to his origin.

He will steal this snake’s body to hide from the dragon’s wrath!

He chose Female in respect to gender equality.

Now to make his her escape!

Blending in with the hostile snake the dragon summoned, Cardio slitters forward to safety!

Success! She escaped through the dog hole in ANOTHER WALL!

Days passed by with thunderous roar and earthshaking quake. What once known as the Cult of Bèn has join its predecessor in ruins.

Knowing the imperfectness of the Soul Capture spell has greatly wounded its soul, Cardio decided to travel the land in her snake form for a while before finding a new host…

Or awakens as a snake.

However, awaken through a stolen body will greatly incur the wrath of heaven. The tribulation will become even harsher and she would have to face the cloud in 5 days.

Weeks passed…

Then years…

During her travels, she gathers knowledge from various sect in hope of a solution for her predicament.

She travels from sects to mountains, and ruins to tombs. Patiently collects and accumulate useful knowledge. Even if it means infiltrate with a local Inner’s body and escape as a snake.

There was a few close call with her soul damage, but reawakening from a snake body will fully repair her soul, so she repeated this throughout the years. Always going back to a snake before day 5 where the tribulation occurs.

Nearing the end of her natural lifespan, Cardio is ready to enacts her grand plan of saving everyone through time travel or alternative timeline.

She has found and memorized all well-known cultivation law, techniques, and sutras.

Secret of cultivating certain magic plants, and maybe some interesting designs from the world with giant metal bird and charging iron beast.

Every well-known location in the world map.

Among other miscellaneous things to spice up the new sect.

All to prepare for a whole new world of cultivation.

Greeting, mortals! Do you want to live forever?

… will guide you towards the path of immortality you…

… What is an Outer-Student? Good question! They are like…

OH NO! NO! NO! Our Sect Leader, Rui Hongchang who achieved a breakthrough into the Golden Core State on the eve of the battle; he was ambushed with the Ferocious Dragon-Killer Formation!

RUN! Grab whatever you can and run away with other people! Yeah! Follow your senior Radio Free Kobol-

OH NO! Senior Radio Free Kobold was bitten by a random snake and the poison will surely kill him! Who else could lead us in this dangerous time!?

Assuming this canon, everyone currently in the sect will be exported or recreated. Shrine admin, please post if you want to rejoin. The goon list continues.

The dragon was easy btw.