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by Nyaa

Part 153: Day 1-4: Chun Gang

The day has come!

My worry become reality! :cry:

I should reinstall the whole game, but let’s see how bad it breaks our saves. :lofty:

Season 1! Season 1!

Stuck at 100%.

Goodbye, half a year worth of goonfuckery. :sadwave:

Achivement only unlocks in Immortal Mode because the dev are sadist. The game story now has an ending, but it’s unlocks on day 2000. About 8 and a half years in game time.

Welp, time to manually delete some mods. We will reactivate them when modders updated it to this version.

I bet it’s due to Settings.rar overwritten by my superior mistranslation.

Alright! No more issue after switching to the game’s official English! Hail the United Kingdom!

Finally, I can start the tutorial. Specifically, Formation.

... this tutorial taught me practically nothing, so there’s a slight chance that future formation I made might still self-destruct.

After the tutorial, we will check the souls of the newly deceased.

Wow. This is extremely tragic. He became a sacrifice to a cultist to power a forbidden spell. It burned his soul, so he can’t even reincarnate anymore. The name Hats is now banned from the goon list. You may use other name though. Artificer also suffered the same fate.

Foul ole Ron’s name is also banned from the goon list due to him being employed as the Hell Cop. :jail2:

Time to begin anew. We would had missed a bunch of new content with the old saves anyhow.

We will start in a large map named Sixth Heaven Devil.

We respect gender(?) equality by not employing either of them.

I took me long enough for the dev to hot-patch the game.

Fishing brings enemy? :raise: Let's hope our new map have a lot of water.

Although we vow to never build a grave, it’s appropriate that we build our sect on top of a cursed Indian Burial Ground.

What did you do, Cardio! We don’t need Season 3!

Normal difficulty. Faster cultivation that doesn’t take years in exchange for getting bombarded with events. Grow fast, die hard.

We can change it back if someone prefers to sit in cave for years.

I will readd all season 1 survivors (including last breath) based on this list. From top to bottom.

You would had been in the hall of fame if you have ascended. At least your Leader trait brings 4 more disciples! Great at Cooking.

Ignore the spacing in the name. The Chargen will count as one word. Great at Social, Mining, and Qi Sense.

Still suitable for offensive law. Hope you can cultivate faster in this timeline. Great at Medicine and Battle.

About the same as your past life. Decent at Social. Great at Cooking and Farming. Our second pickpocket. :ninja:

So handsome and beefy! Great at Social! Start with two muscular arm this time!

All seem well, but I feel strangely unsettled. An omen? :raise:

Uh oh. We are starting with the dangerous fire law!

Next to a pond of blood.

Lovely neighbors.

This battlefield does have a shit ton of loots.

Nice! We already got a Feng Shui disrupting item that we can’t identify for months!

Congrats for being the most compatible to getting immolated alive!

Perception and Charisma aren’t hard to raise either.

Not the best time to raise spellcaster, but first gen has to deal with it.

Sure thing, Cardio. Your fake beard isn’t fooling anyone.

Rip, and thanks for everything. :qq:

In this timeline where everything is termed differently, our sect shall be known as…

Essentially, it means Spring, Pure, and Bèn.

Not the best candidate for Sect Leader, but no one would argue with someone on fire. :ssj:

Immolatiality. :supaburn:

Our Sect Master's first job is recruit more goons! Bring home some good talent, Blaze Dragon!

Someone also seeking to become Gen 1.

Did she came out of the portal? Can you speak Chinese?

Max Social? Good, we need to try recruiting some Golden Core later.

Welcome, non-poster Jossar. You don’t need to skill dump in this timeline.

This will be our storage place for trash. :tbear:

It only took us four days to get our house up and crafting station going.

After his return, Blaze Dragon scouted our map and found a jackpot worth of spirit soil! We can also grow lotus on thin blood pond!

We are fortunate enough to find a Huge Ginkgo Tree for free Wood Qi gathering! Perfect place for Blaze Dragon to cultivate! Please don't burn it down. PLEASE.

There aren’t much mountains, but each of them are packed with ores.

We can ignore this weakling. Flower Bun can easily take care of it later. :nallears: