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Part 154: Day 5-14: High Quality Laborers

I have forgotten the most important architectural plan for our sect.

How can our Outer lives in the Inner Zone!? They are moving down!

They will live next to this ‘stable’ portal where junk spew out at irregular interval. Everyone would be wasting time sorting through all these junk if we designate it as the storage area.

It would also be a pain to move all these second-hand weaponry on the battlefield…

In a spark of business acumen, we found the best thing to trade off our junk!

Six more of these high quality laborer awakening animals will serve us the Cult of Chun toward greatness! :thumbsup:

We can also leave them as ranch animal if we get a pair.

This cow just need one more Shard of Intelligence to awaken into our best farmer with 1000 days countdown.

We will get some chickens for their egg while they slowly awaken.

Loot everything! Those smart chicken from the market are expensive!

DAMMIT! Two Male Bull too!

I agree! Four male out of four tries! :rolldice:

The only other animal that lay eggs is… :hmmno:

:hmmyes: Our last hope.

I was so worried when I got Male Snake on the fifth try. :shepface:

90% of our wealth are here.

We can speed up their awakening by 1/3 through Spring (Green Thought) flavored medicine!

Our cow and chicken have the best condition to generates thoughts, so they should be the first to awaken.

In the meantime, Blaze Dragon found the shortcut back to Taiyi Sect.

Our knowledge from previous timeline has proved useful, which mean Blaze Dragon will be hauling a bunch of preprocessed shit back home to rebuild our pyramid.

It took a week of careful grooming, but our farmers are ready. The recruitment process is about as fast as waiting a new recruit to arrive from some city.

Welcome, non-poster GridLocked and Epochol! You two did well in the past life, but spent too long in cultivation cave. Now both of you can spend a long time in the farm!

A very long time.

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have any you didn’t born with any pants. Or maybe it went MIA because you lost it. :colbert:

Your sect master will bring home some clothes soon. Please continue farming in the meantime.

Uhh… :crossarms:

You aren’t unlocked yet…

There! Look! He has pants! There’s no animal abuse here!

What? You’re just an Outer! How dare you voices your dissatisfaction against our exploitive practice! It’s all to strengthen our Outer’s body!

Get out! And leave your pants behind!

This will save Blaze Dragon a full trip to the ruins.

Inner get dibs on the best clothes.

After seeing our successful repellent against an Outer, Cardio deems we are good enough before leaving to steal another body or visit the world of Season 3.

Dead Meat returns. He might not seem impressive with these stats…

But he is top candidate for Body Cultivation! He does need to avoid fighting wood user.

But you must face your fear! :clint:

Like how Blaze Dragon charging pass a bunch of demon to reach the corpse of Seventh Brother!

Two formation book. Blaze Dragon felt a chill up his spine when he tries to comprehend its explosive content.

'Self destructive.'

The innate fear of explosive death motivates him to cultivate toward immortality! :sss:

Welcome back, Nick Buntline. There’s no starter package for you to wear this time. Please wait in line for your new pants.

Acting cool in front of the seamstress will only slows her down. :blush:

WOW! You two got some impressive luck!

Can we have an advance law? Can we?

This is… acceptable. I was too greedy.

To the next mountain!



Let’s try to get all these done by week 3.

Everyone have been working tirelessly for the pass two week with magic caffeine!

Sect Map

Behold! The Labor of Overdose Love! :synthy: