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Part 155: Day 15-29: Law Shuffles

You don’t need to act cool when you have fire. :flame:

Delivery arrived.

At the same time, we found another ancient casket. Let’s see which contain more valuable.

I never tried to this spell before, but it should be a lesser berk mode for Daoist.

We got our sect starter pack! A few locations unlock, basic talisman recipe, and common elixir recipe!

Next, we will rebuild our free exp shrine.

We need to send one admin agent.

Max Social Jossar will go.

This timeline needs some name in synonyms.

Ohh! Already at 14k followers!

Yes. Time to get go back for the fifth time this month.

A new demon Yaoguai arrived to replace Jossar!

A panda with some extreme diametrical stats!

:magemage: So panda are poor workers, but hardcore warrior with zero INT.

Actually, you are a great worker with 8.8m move speed!

Welcome back, Evil Kit. You have 192 days to prepare for cloud-slapping.

You are now our sect’s mascot, so we will provide you with better clothing.

Imposing! Dominating! Edgy! :rock:

The weather immediately went cloudy to blush from your grandeur! :guitar:

I look away to the cloud for a second and you already picking a fight with a cow.

Holy shit! You don’t need to prove yourself in a life and death battle!

That one stump is enough to critically injure you! Maybe you should run?

Sometimes I forgot panda are bear. :tbear:

You must calm down with some chill fishing. :nono:

Chill fishing in hell lake, YEAH! :rock:

Click the button!

A bloody red fish!

Too bad fish worth nothing except as food.

Alright, that’s good enough. We will put the Giant Red Bream on display.

Now this is becoming a real home where our Outer gets to gaze at a dead meat trophy.

It’s time to expand our capability! :science:

We need to get someone to learn Water Law for sect support spells, and Sunflower for organ donation map travel boost.

Someone can pick up that scroll and find the culprit later. Blaze Dragon have something more urgent to do. He need to craft a treasure artifact.

Blaze Dragon draw a dragon on a tablet and call it a day. :confuoot:

Despite our lack of talent for Daoist cultivation in the sect, Mcclay is decent enough for…

I am very off the mark with this one.

Fine. Wood law is great for early stage speed run, but terrible for late stage.

The law for ‘miscellaneous’ purpose cultivator. She isn’t battle-ready ¾ of the time in this law.

If she does manage to reach Primordial Spirit realm, however, she can cheese her way straight into a proficient combatant or spellcaster. It’s extremely time consuming to get there, but very low budget.

Alright, we can hold off on Water law and learn its spell through library, but someone must go Sunflower for hauling junks.

Dead Meat! You will do until we unlock Physical Cultivation! :bandwagon:


Get on the truck and drive!

I forgot about the early tribulation… he will be fine.

Labor replacement arrives not long after.

Since there’s no altar to pray, he goes for the closest grand-looking structure that is the well.

Welcome back, VolticSurge! You will be our best craftsman!