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by Nyaa

Part 156: Day 30-38: Blessed Core

Alright, we should be safe enough to run some UI-info based mod like sect master fav. item, fog removal, item trade price, and merchant every day. We will add more as our sect levels up.

Goodbye, VolticSurge. We need your good stat to man the shrine. :catholic:

We will bring you back when you have a plan for this timeline.

Time to visit the DLC land.

New resources for new constructible. I don’t think bamboo would look good in our blood land.

These bamboo tree are dense enough to count as wall.

Is it just me or these panda is larger than bear?

Natural perk of vegetarian. :yum:

It is a nice day to spend time with these peaceful and adora-


Why can it shoot fire!? :supaburn:

How is this forest not burned down?

This is why the panda specie isn’t extinct.

Thank goodness we found the starter pack before going into the forest.

Mostly decorative furniture. :nallears:


Welcome back, Flower Bun! We will get you fat and large with vegetarian diet!

You will become very, very chubby. :shibe:

D-did you just instant maxed out the plant growth? :magical:

Like +80% Growth and +100% maturity? What kind of godly pee is this!?

No. Pee more. Please. :cheersbird:

Someone requested Evil Bun, so it shall.

Go boy! GO!

Oh no! Mcclay is busy copying our law! It takes forever to write them down!

Good boy!

Blaze Dragon suddenly feels the need for a trilling adventure.

Blood land need a hellhound.

Not yet! She’s still copying!

Aww. It’s just a playful bite that doesn’t interrupt works. Our medic can gain some experience through this.

You need a bed!

Give us… a few days.

Ok, ok! Give us three days! :f5:

Dammit! I was going have Flower Bun hunt it down before it power up!

Was it always this feeble before? Let’s wait till it become Golden Core then. :nallears:

Consume him and gain his evil essence! :devil:

Yes, your produce is quite good, but the farm is outside.

OH! You mean how your own shit taste? There’s only one way to find out!


At least it doesn’t take like a hundred poop to make fertile soil anymore. :eng99:

Yes! Good boy! ‘Farming’ field, right? :raise:


It’s time to worship our ancestor again. Make sure to omit the turtle one

The ancestor is pleased! :worship:

Wow! This is both beautiful and high tier! Thanks, ancestor!

Blaze Dragon is ready to become Golden Core, but he missed the full season bonus due to being mid-summer. I think he supposed to do it in spring? Eitherway, this alone is enough to get him into Grade 3.

He was fed with all the low tier Max Qi item I can get and all the Max Qi boosting secret art except organ donation. Yin body should be bad for fire law.

Instead, we will rush for our first gen low quality core sacrifice.

Doesn’t mean they would be incompetent.


If I knew! I would have stuff her with magic shroom!

That got her into Grade 4! :ssj:

I was pondering if I should raise her seriously, but it’s hard to tell with this result.

She IS getting good with her compatibility. :thunk:

Wait! Not having all the Max Qi boost might be an advantage for her reduced Qi pool! She can get the buff to face against one of her tribulation before the reduction-scaling reapplies to the whole pool!

Congratulation, you are not miscellaneous anymore! :neckbeard: