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by Nyaa

Part 157: Day 39-43: Growing Reputation

“He use fire.”

“I heard she is a vegetarian.”

As Golden Core, Mcclay is now capable of unsealing the Legacy of Taiyi.

These two treasures alone will make us surpass the other sect in due time.

This has to be at least the top 5 treasure in the world.

We will construct our pocket dimension as soon as possible and turn our bloody junkyard into well-recycled wealth.

To hasten the objective, we will have to rush Dead Meat into Golden Core and hauls us the resource.

Can’t even get it down to 8 grade. :hmmno:

Only this matters.

Level 2 invest into map speed! :intv:

Stack with the speed boost from Water Art! :nyan:


Calm down. We did this before. We just need to pump his Qi Protection with all his leftover EXP Inspiration.

Hmm… this might not be enough.

Low budget TTP from what I can recall.

Alright, let’s try it out with the Taiyi Scroll and a turtle shell.

Ha! I forgot how easy this early tribulation was.

One of our snake finally awakened. Welcome, Complication t-

How generous of you to volunteer to become our Shrine Agent! You shall handle the forest near Snaketail Village!

We will name it after you.

The local will provides you clothing when you get there.

I would think the same too in a flaming house.

Another 200% to fly speed! Truly the best law for hauler.

It’s may seem costly to sacrifice a house to survive a tribulation, but Dead Meat will haul back all sort of materials to pay back with interest.

Now go! Venture onward to bring glory to our storage! :bandwagon:

Why so pessimistic? You managed to stay alive.

You should be glad that the first secret art of Sunflower Law is optional thanks to the library. All these laws weren’t designed for multi-dip sharing in the beginning.

Why are the ancestors being gloomy?

It’s just a Core Shaping demon beast that recently woken up and Dead Meat might have to dealt with in the future.

Evil Kit is itching to lay his claw on that demon boar, but he will make do with regular life and death battle.

Living up to your name, I see.

I gave you a thousand, so we can afford to bribe them away.

At least you are good at pretending to be poor.

Let me show you how to rob. :smuggo:

By stealing her from other sect!

Let me show you how to rob bribe.

He Zudao favorite item are all three type of blank Talisman Paper.

Behold, I fail to break her heart guard. Was her Dull personality too difficult to crack? :eng99:

Clearly, it’s her uncouth disposition.

Who am I kidding? I am no better than Complication. :qqsay:

My LP skill is as empty as his stat. These mods are my Taiyi scroll.

Still nothing!? Aren’t we best friend with benefit!?

Noooo! Complication’s bribing skill has surpassed me!

Hmm, 100k Qi with two artifacts… we will invite her for tea someday. :sushiyes: