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by Nyaa

Part 158: Day 44-59: Pyramid Exterior

Now should be safe to reactivate the ultimate mod tool that rivals the dev tool.

Our Outer workforce are lacking in manpower to handle the growth and harvest of our Blood Lotus.

As such, it’s time to resummons two high quality workers from another timeline.

Two of our greatest Body Cultivators, the shit-eating brothers, Reincarnate!

Until you ask to become an Inner, you two shall become our greatest Outer!

Goodness. This is what it meant to be born with talent. The new game RNG generate the same character btw. :prepop:

Holy Shit you really went for it while I was performing the isekai summon! :gonk:

The frog was knocked half-dead by Flower Bun, and I didn’t anticipate it to out-heal its infection to be conscious again! :zombie:

These poison came from being licked. :cheeky:

Somehow, Evil Kit managed to beat about 100 Qi out its 194 Qi with raw muscle! :catte:

How is this possible! :magical:

NO FUKINGWAY! :stonklol:

I need you to wear turtle shell and Constitution Up accessory!

You shall wear the skin of your foe!

A bit plain on the fashion side, but it will keep you alive longer from whatever you decide to brawl next.

Absolutely not this one. It has 10x more Qi than that newly awakened demon frog.

We will slaughter it when it became a Golden Core or when it’s time to finish up our pyramid wall.

Our perfect pyramid that will surpass the other timeline!

The Advance Law has call for us! Onward!

Bah, the worst law in the convenient world of treasure robbery. No one has lv 20 treasure skill, and we don’t have enough shrine to fund the full cost of exp Inspiration.

Alright, let’s send another agent to new shrine. GridLocked, this shrine shall name after you as…

Educate proper way of social distancing to the mortals. :glompoff:

Welcome back, TravelLog! We are working hard on getting your charm Talisman Law.

There will be a bed for He Zudao in her new (and permanent) home soon. :twisted:

Greetings, would you like to betray your sect to join us?

No? Truly a shame…

That you would refers yourself as a Golden Core Fire Cultivator.

I believe this room is very suitable for your title. Enjoy your slumber. :devil:

All fire cultivator has to deal with it.

I ALMOST missed what Evil Kit has done.

For the sake of Evil Kit’s health, we will get rid of this giant hornet nest for good.

It really is early December as of this update. What would Corpulent Four mean? Four Santa?

It’s hard to decipher the message of our heavenly ancestor. :raise:

Hardcore rain battle! :rock:

WHY!? Why does it go straight for him!? He’s a quarter map away from you!

It keeps chasing Evil Kit even under assault by Dead Meat! Did Evil Kit stole your egg?

It blindly charges into our sect and trample through our herbs to chase after our superspeed panda. :china:

It almost reaches him, but Dead Meat’s artifact is simply too formidable.

Initiate Outer’s unique Chop de Grace mechanic!

Chicken Youkai are harmed in the making of this update.

Yeah, I am hungry too, but that would be cannibalistic for you.

Come! We will get rid of that Boar Youkai once and for all!

Blast 'em with your mediocre spell damage!

Build 'em pyramid wall while it’s distracted!

A blast of hot air to maximize the fragrance of both poops! :drugnerd:

You thought I was joking.

This battle took half a day. Still better than three days and three nights if it grows into Golden Core.

Behold, your punishment.

IceBlocks is an expert in fecal consumption.


It’s ready for slaughter after we fattened it.

Great! We got a water element core out of those corpulent flash! Is there a need for another longer word for fat and obesity? It does sound cooler.

The exterior of our pyramid was constructed! You might be wondering why some of our building is outside of it. Let me give you a reason to hide my poor planning skill:

The outer of later generation will get better benefits than their predecessor, thus they must prove their worth by living (a little bit) outside of the sect’s protection!

Took you long enough to enjoy your hot tea.

Finally! You have no idea how difficult it is to get this piece of mid-tier wood!

But it is done. Where should we designate our treasure room in the pyramid?