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Part 159: Day 60-76: Hot Tea Prison

NOW YOU SOLD IT! I spent at least three updates worth of effort to get one of these, and you are selling three of them now! :byodame:

Our high security treasure room shall be situated on a small island surrounded by blood lake!

First we need to move the water bed metal house out of the way.

Then patch up the surrounding dry land with water… blue water. Let’s wait to see how it turns out later.

Another one? High event frequency is quite a blessing.

And an annoying curse behind the scene.

We keep one at the far edge of the map to keep the difficult mechanic from spawning another one.

At least one translation survives unscathed.

Now that the treasure hunt effort has been spent, we will devote our resource to fix up the Taiyi Ruin at the shrine…

By rebuilding, we meant a low effort dojo. The Cult of Chun is enough for this land.

In fact, our influence shall grasp across the land through our shrine, which mean we will be tossing more non-poster to middle of nowhere.

Look at this empty place! Surely there won’t be anything of interest surrounding it.

Welcome back, Herp.

To Innsmouth you go.

Welcome back, Zengetsu.

To Snake Pagoda you go.

DLC quest?

This take priority. We will send our strongest Inner to get the prize.

NOOOO! Now is not the time to have arthritis! :corsair:

Let’s hope Blaze Dragon is lucky enough for the task.

Jackpot! Looks like we don’t need to raise any High Luck Inner for a while.

This earn less exp compare to cultivation cave, but with the benefit of staying in sect and one of the few exp generating art that doesn’t induce the wrath of heaven. Still not worth the trouble to set it all up.

Welcome back, this world’s Cardio.

You should be safe in the middle of nowhere (hot edition).

No water dragon would go to desert. No way.

That was easy. P2win easy.

It’s quite rare to see a fire element treasure.

Unpacking $3.99

Why did you break my p2win item, Blaze Dragon!? :retrogames:

Two out of three choices will break my heart.

We got a two-in-one DLC pet! :china::china:

We already got Panda Evil Kit, so we will keep Flower Bun instead.

One more statue for our evil ancestor temple! :drac:

Flower Bun marked our next victim.

It’s annoying to keep repairing this teahouse that occasionally burst into fire, but the reward is end-game talisman carry by Primordial Spirit.

I am starting to think one of my mod or difficulty setting have jacked up the power up bonus. Then again, combat animation is like 4x faster in this version. Either way, this amount of gain feels right for post-arthritis Golden Core realm.

After all, Nascent Soul are practically godlike being who can easily handle lava.

Alright, let’s move her out of the Doom House before she crosses the yellow river of hell.

Things would be so much easier if we have Body Cultivator. :eng99:

Welcome, Nea. I spent a long time to custom build you into a Daoist prodigy.

:eyepop: Behold, the power of custom raised Yaoguai with 250 days to shock the world of cultivation!

Uh oh… she died.

From old age.

Because I took this from her. What a way to go. :cripes:

Is it too late to extend this with a Lingzhi?

*Stuffing mushroom into corpse*

Nope. Can’t increase it. Rip our sect relation.

A baby dragon passed by.

Clearly to offer tribute to us in fear of Season 3.

The dragon rain will not be enough to ruin our upgraded teahouse.

I finally found a way to wall down the entrance without Outer stuck inside to drink tea with our guest. :sweatdrop:

Crock crow crooks caw caw caw at your poor moves. You have been outplayed! :skeltal:

Y-you! How dare you squeeze yourself diagonally out of the teahouse! :psyduck:

Nonononono! Go adventure somewhere else! :derp:

High Security Lockdown Teahouse that isn’t suspicious at all. :tif:

Are you Hongdini!? :livintrope: