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Part 16: Day 16: Face

The weeklong trip of sect master Hats must be quite demanding for him to be sleeping all day.

Some would claims Hats is simply lazy, but Radio Free Kobold realized the moment he steps into the first path of cultivation.

He is developing severe case of depression from Qi imbalance or something. Great desperation weal within his soul to seek out a private room with good feng shui to smooth out the internal flow, treasure to regulate his element affinity in harmony to the grand cycle. He needs to leave this awful place and take his mind off elsewhere.

As someone who led everyone to this land, he feels responsible to scout out further and be the representative presence of the sect. It’s time to pay a visit to our lovely neighbors by flying there stylishly on a pickaxe!

Even as a man who was bedridden due to being a ‘poison container’ for most of this tragic life, Radio Free Kobold knows the simple concept of gift – a thing that you expect to get back in similar value later, in other word, a trade.

Naturally, Free Radio Kobold need not hold back knowing he will get back something like this rare and precious spirit wood someday.

Moreover, what better way to make a great impression than to completely woo the other party into mad passionate affection for you?

Of course, one must not forget that One of the sect out there is the culprit for the destruction of our Taiyi sect. As such, an insult is prepared for the glorious day to come.

For the first time, Radio Free Kobold gets to experiences the freedom of flying in the sky (on a pickaxe). It’s a dream for all who was confined on their bed for significant amount of time due to poor physical condition. Today, he gets to lives his dream because he joined a cult.

Not long after the departure of Radio Free Kobold, Hats sits up in meditation. He can feel his body is filled with Qi again.

This time, he will pick the droppings of these beloved rabbits with a tragic history.

He can feel it from all the coolness of flying on a sword. This time, he will succeed.

Everyone are relieved to see Hats and Radio Free Kobold working so hard for the sect.

Big sister Slaan in particular, feel a great weight have been lifted by those two strong brothers/sister(?) of the sect.

Although she doesn’t need to shoulders the whole responsibility as the big sister anymore, some habits are hard to break. Just this morning, she was seen to be taking good care of the tamed snake with ample hugging, and praising it for swallowing a rat in one gulp.

She and Arcanuse were seen holding hands in happiness.

Things are going well and the future seem bright.

As Radio Free Kobold flew pass the village, he recalls the younger time when he was the child of a peasant. His rural upbringing doesn’t groom him to be well versed in the art of social etiquette unlike sect master Hats whose words can easily charm women off their winter dress.

A strangely distracting sense of being praised has caused Hats to fail his treasure refinement. Perhaps it’s best he strengthens himself further before attempting this shit again.

… right after he is done venting his frustration on the innocent ground that is getting stomped with overwhelming Qi.

A curious passerby come to sight-see our glorious sect stone of the Cult of Bèn. He seems to be attracted by the dignifying smell of our sect.

Sect master Hats is happy to see a new slave brethren who shares similar interest to his recent obsession.

He is very confident in shit-talking her into staying.

Slaan also helped with some oriental pole-dancing.

“This is truly troublesome.” Radio Free Kobold thought to himself. Does he have what it takes for this diplomatic mission? How should he address other with respect and refers to himself properly? All he knows is to praise someone and humble yourself as ‘this one’. This ‘Face’ thing that everyone mentioned… isn’t that just means Social Respect? Why do they have to make it sound so complicated? This rising star of the cultivation world does not get it.

However, the ancestors would surely bless this diligent junior in this momentous endeavor! More so when the construction of this Ancestral Temple of Feng Shui Snake is completed! Name subjects to change

In great reverence for the great ‘holy artifact’ of the Cult of Bèn, Lynneth have joined our bottom of pyramid big family.

She has a happy childhood. That’s it

But she is the ultimate worker.

All the more reason for her to see this place as her new amazing home! Sect master Hats really drilled the loyalty into this fervent believer!

Just don’t ridicules her blade.

It’s time. The moment of first impression and gaining ‘Face’ for the Cult of Bèn have arrived. Radio Free Kobold’s feet can’t get any colder than stepping on snow with palpitating heart.

Greeting, envoy of the Cult of Ben, how can the Rosy Cloud Grotto be of assistance for you today?
Greeting, great and reverent sect master Rangsi Xia. Your beauty indeed rivals the sun and…

Brown Rock Floor.
My word… that is quite a ripe compliment that I never heard of. May I know the name of this esteemed guest of my?
My apology for my late introduction. I am Radio Free Kobold, inner student of the Cult of Bèn.
Inner student? Is that how your sect address disciple of the inner division?
(Is there a difference? I was an outer student not long after Taiyi Sect burned down! How would I know!?) Yes. It is as you said.
It is remarkable for a newly formed sect to be humble, and wisely discreet while gathering strength. I am optimistic for the Cult of Ben and my condolence to the fall of Taiyi Sect.

Thank you, sect master Rangsi Xia, as a token of our friendship, please accept this rare Spirit Wood of our sect.

A… Spirit Wood. Thank you.
(Now is time to flirt it up!) Indeed. This humble one have specifically chosen this as a gift to be symbolic of ‘ours’ relationship.
I see… and what would this Spirit Wood represent?
Well, as the most perceptive one such as you can see, I am bestowing it upon you at this hour of dawn.
If you…
Get what I mean?
Don’t you think this modest one in front of you is… hot?

… my apology, I shall have the servants prepares you a cold beverage.
Eh? I-I mean-
Hoho, pardon the cruel jest of this old woman. I fully understood the implied meaning of our sect’s complementing relationship just as wood element is to fire, and the rising dawn is the warming beginning of a wonderful friendship.
… yes. Sect master Rangsi Xia is truly wise.
Now, while you are here, would you like to trade some items that could be useful for a startup sect like yours?