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Part 160: Day 77-94: Villainous Laugh

*Villainous laugh* :drac:

*Louder villainous laugh* :drac:

*Exhausted villainous laugh after numerous reload* :sweatdrop:

*Tearful laughter of insanity*

Maybe something from the chess board caused brief impartation of Wall-Sliding technique to recent player next to the wall?

The door doesn’t share the temperature of the room… :cripes:

But in front of the door, is ANOTHER WALL! :argh:

The answer is to not use door.

Can iron burn? Google said yes.

Spirit wood won’t get torch on fire, but I recall it will burst on fire. We will see.

Back to other kind of hot activity! Blaze Dragon and fighting the demon turtle and I decided to send Evil Kit to punch it since he DEALS MORE DAMAGE.

All of its injuries came from Evil Kit! Way to break the shell on that one.

SEE!? Spirit Wood bed burst on fire! It’s too expensive to repair Spirit Wood!

But does these worth all my suffering? Yes.

Next time, we will try feeding them happy pill™ before they woke up.

Blaze Dragon will hit harder than Evil Kit now. Probably.

Great news! We got a map to unlock the demon faction! Does that mean we missed out on the starter body Physical law?

Not the best P. law to start, but it’s more exciting to rob this than teahouse.

Their sect has at least 40 students and none of them are at the entrance.

Really? It was surprisingly easy. Everyone was so far away that having red-alert eye doesn’t matter.

I was waiting for the sect to emerge before activating the Unlock All Laws mod to avoid potential troubles with the script.

But we will go ahead as soon as we reach mid-size sect.

In the meantime, although this is a good law, it requires waiting for Eternal Night Polar Night weather to release its full potential. Tell me if you want to learn it.

On the other hand, watching Outer beating Qi-Shaping demon is quite a novel sight.

Oh no! It changed aggro! Runnn!

Five huge water blast on Lynneth does no damage! How novel! :c00lbert:

Is it due to the demon clothing? Or Outer got buffed to high heaven in Ver 1.0?

Ohh? Our unique portal finally sends us a living being!

Just a regular merchant, but free extra visit is always a plus.

He sold us some Happy pill to improve our tea service. :420:

Leaving nude and extremely high. :rznv:

We will spike our tea from now on. :haibrow:

Our laxative serving dog agrees. :cheerdoge:

It’s time for Flower Bun to learn tricks.

The grand Dog Dao path of Badness!

It wants to loot thing as soon as it woke up!

Follow by morning exercise.

Then contemplate about stealing again.

Back to exercise.


*Villainous Arf Arf* :shibe:

*Villainous snore snore*

*Louder Villainous Arf Arf* :shittydog:

It’s not ‘bite’. :airquote: