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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 161: Day 95- 120: Returning Strength

Life has been so grim for Dead Meat that he became Nascent Soulp Primordial Soul. Our sect’s best truck deliverer until he decides to lift at the gym.

Welcome back, not-evil Evening Snow.

You shall join the Golden Palace of Villainous Ancestor as a statue.

Following our new prestige statue is an official sect upgrade!

We are now the :slick: House of Chun! :slick:

5-stars hotel luxurious workplace condition!

Full map street light expansion!

Subsistence Agriculture!

Exhibition of Great Wealth and Extravagant Expenditure!

Feng Shui attuned recreation spot!

Welcoming weather! :yayclod:

Trilling encounter and engaging participation!

Come test your destiny to become GOD! No guarantee on godhood if selected.

Welcome back, Hats!

Please enjoy your male escort life as our Agent of Chun!

Welcome back, Slaan. Crafting and Medicine are prime stat for body cultivator!

Welcome back, Arcanuse. We still can’t find your monkey. :saddowns:

Welcome back, Jvie.

I ran out of creative name. :nyoron:

Welcome back, G. Maybe your great legend can begin in this timeline?

Welcome back, the second accountant who wasn’t chosen.

Don’t worry about my deteriorating naming creativity, this is the last one.

Welcome back, you bunch of semi-old Outers. Now is your chance to shine with a post. :justpost:

Our heightened renown begins to attract non-mortal foe!

But they are nothing to concern about.

Well, this is concerning.

Male Snake from another timeline!? Did the water dragon sent them to hunt us down!?

Knowing the possibility, we must make preparation for what might come out of the portal in the future.

Fortunately, our Wood law frontliner just reached Primordial Spirit.

The law has a side specialization for combat, which is perfect for Mcclay since…

She is born for this, and heaven sees fit to bless her core into grade 4 with no effort.

The one skill to turn a peasant into a great swords master!

Instant combat expert with all tier investment into Supreme Form! :madmax:

In a stroke of well-timed luck for Mcclay, the competition begins now.

Which mean overdosing combat drugs to win at all cost! Lifespan are cheap anyway. :350:

Ohhh, looks like we will be back to our (Season 1) prime soon.

I have to reload three times to feed her more and more expensive drugs. My wasted time is nothing compares to the burned lifespan. :sax:

Welcome back, Seven Slaughtering Swords. It would be better to have other law that increase Max Qi at this point, but…

Did the dev make it easier in 1.0? I don’t recall it being this easy to hit max grade.

Uh… I know I splurged every possible (safe) drug on him, but hitting Grade 1 with 4k Qi seems unbelievable. Maybe the big ass tree helped a lot.

Coffee will wait a bit for Blaze Dragon to buff his Per and Con for Seven Swords again.

Lynneth also wants to learn Seven Swords, and she have the same attribute as Coffee too.

Let’s see if Blaze Dragon have enough Qi to boost both of them without resting. Each permanent buff cost 150k Qi and 60 years lifespan.

Not there yet, but he will in Primordial Soul. :sss:

His core’s quality may as well be grade zero.

Unlike Coffee and Lynneth, attributes are not a hard requirement for Physical Cultivator to become powerful.

But this won't be Season 2 if we don't achieve greater height! :homebrew:

Rip his INT. Percentage gain on zero is zero. :eng99:

He’s great for Seven Swords too.

But we have enough applicants for that law.

Time to build another kitchen stove.

“Do you want to rob people within a few seconds?” Yes. :hai:

Make that two or three seconds. :haibrow:

Panda have strong technique secret body, but they require essence from Torch Dragon, which is a mythical being that can kick us into season 3 with our current strength.