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by Nyaa

Part 162: Day 121-130: Gen 1.5

We have a lot of wise individual who choose to jump into the 1.5 Gen of our Golden Age. :effortless:

Unmotivated goon disciple would simply fade away like dust. :effort:

Although we can now easily chunk out Grade 1 Golden Core, we should properly raise Daoist with as much boost as possible!

As such, all three of our Gen 1 Inner will burn their lifespan to fortify our next gen goons towards great glory! :worship:

Unfortunately, Mcclay is currently having arthritis, so she can’t spend any Qi to buff anyone.

She gets 20k per trip to Water Cave, so it will take a while for her to be ready. Now that I think about it, won’t she be a bad combatant with so little Qi?

Blaze Dragon is still at Golden Core and incapable of high level buffing.

High level murder, however, is within his means.

As sect master, he sees all goons as mere collectable pieces that will further the glory of Chun! :arnie:

Fortunately, Dead Meat can overcome our grim prospect through the blessing of the Sunflower. He will get Coffee and Lynneth ready once he get enough inspiration to purchase the necessary arts. :swinson:

It’s such a waste for someone who will redo their core later, but we will make sure to wring him dry to pay it back with interest.

While our Daoist and disciple are getting ready for their promotion, our Physical Cultivation candidate is ready for promotion since their stats is so awful that they may as well do it now.

What matters is their traits obtained from thoughts. Taking more elemental damage is bad, but only if the enemy didn’t die in one punch. :madmax:

If not, Flower Bun can tank for them instead.

We have full confident for a chubby dog in this timeline. :dogge:

As someone without talent, aiming for a fortunate encounter (of unique weather) to becomes strong is a viable dream goal.

Wow, I never thought it can go lower than 50%! This is peak awful talent as a Daoist. Back to begging for awful weather.

Prime candidate for fleeing to Season 3. :derp:

But why is your speed so slow!?

Next in the stat-doesn’t-matter list, Sla an wish to try out Divinity/God Shendao Cultivation.

Although you can’t reach the peak enlightenment with low intelligent, you can progress really quickly with less math in your head.

We need to get rid of all these moods that will distract your meditation.

Yeah… rare magic herbs and gallbladder are great replacement for exercise!

All these emotions are driving her into a mysterious feeling for some strange-r reason.

First step is to move her into a shitty shack with crappy scenery.

Ahh, the peaceful home surrounded in blood as if bleed from some mysterious stranger.

She needs to wear something less awesome than our Chun Brand Demon Leather clothing. :sparkles:

Hmm, this is still too good.

What about these shitty clothes that I brought from another sect at an overpriced 10 spirit stone each?

:hmmno: We need a clothing at quality 30.

Time to recruit some lower-middle class peasant for a donation to their god.

Next is to create a relic.

… too late. Laxative won’t work on him anymore. Maybe.

… he probably has diarrhea, but digest it into water essence. :barf:

Can’t we use magic dogshit instead? No?

Fine. You two shit-brothers ready to make our ancestor proud?

They have to shit eventually.

Half a day passed. Our effort has come to fruition. :sweatdrop:

The problem is this bear that can shoot fire.

Flower Bun will distract it! :woof:

2.3 Speed rabbit to snatch it slowly.

Another half a day was spent brawling with this panda since no one have unlocked any secret body yet.

It’s down! Let’s go! Your hunger is going negative soon!

Sla an, please know that a lot of sweat and hunger has gone into obtaining this sacred relic for your panda religion.